Image of a downed tree and busted fence.

Tornado and severe weather impacts Barrie GO Train service

The wind & hail that caused damage in Barrie today has also impacted GO Transit. Here’s the latest.

Jul 15, 2021

(July 15 – 5:45 p.m.) Update: Barrie Police have opened access to Barrie South GO Station and GO service can now access the station. Crews have also cleared the tracks from downed trees and debris.

GO Transit officials say normal GO train service to Barrie South and Allandale GO stations is resuming.

Environment Canada has also confirmed a tornado did in fact touch down in Barrie.

Barrie South GO Station escaped the storm without sustaining any serious damage, however some customer vehicles in parking lot did sustain some minor damage.

Check the GO Transit website for updates.

(July 15 – 4:36 p.m.) Power outages, downed trees, and widespread damage in Barrie has impacted local GO train service.   

This afternoon (July 15), severe weather tore through the Barrie-area, leaving destruction in its wake. It is a reported that a tornado touched down, but this has not yet been confirmed by Environment Canada.

Image of a downed tree and busted fence.

A tree is uprooted and fence destroyed at Barrie South GO Station. (Metrolinx photo)

Currently Barrie Line GO trains are ending at Bradford GO Station, as crews check out the tracks north of Bradford. That means trains are not currently serving Barrie South or Allandale Waterfront GO Stations.

GO Transit will have GO bus shuttles available at Bradford GO on platform 3 to take customers north.

Debris litters the ground outside Barrie South GO Station

Debris litters the ground outside Barrie South GO Station. (Metrolinx photo)

Metrolinx officials say there is some damage to trees, hydro lines, and vehicles near Barrie South GO Station as the station remains closed while crews investigate.

Updates will be provided as the situation develops. Check the GO Transit website for more information.

by Scott Money Metrolinx editorial content manager