CNE midway

Time to GO return to your Canadian National Exhibition tradition

The staple of a late Toronto summer kicks off this weekend.

Aug 14, 2019

Can you smell the kettle corn yet?

It’s almost popping.

Some would say the only way to cap off a Toronto summer is a visit to the annual Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) – often just called the ‘Ex’ – which begins this Friday (August 16) and runs until September 2.

If you close your eyes you can almost hear the sounds of the “I came so close to winning the big bear” carnival games and picture the Instagram-loving glow of the Ferris wheel as the sun sets over Lake Ontario. Now marking 140 years, the CNE is what warm weather memories are made of – from gut-busting deep-fried butter to performances by Canada’s own Burton Cummings.

For many visitors, it’s a tradition dating back decades – perhaps even before GO Trains starting running back in 1967.

Speaking of our transit system – there’s no better way to get there than our GO Trains. The Lakeshore West line drops you off at Exhibition GO Station, just steps from the glorious food building.  Don’t forget the cherry on top of this for families is that kids under 12 ride the GO for free.

That means more money for more corndogs or another ride on the Zipper, which will make you rethink those extra corndogs.

Besides tradition, and the glorious food, here are three more reasons to take the GO to the Ex this year:

  1. To honour the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, GO is once again offering free transportation to and from this year’s Warriors’ Day Parade during the opening weekend of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto.
  2. We know customers loved the GO Bus at the recent Toronto Canadian International AutoShow and the Honda Indy, so we are revving it up again for the CNE. You can climb aboard the GO Bus and take a closer look inside. Plus, GO Bear will be there for some extra fun for everyone.
  3. GO Buses and trains are cool and all, but nothing draws your eyes skyward like the raw power of a fighter jet soaring over the city. The CNE Air Show is one of the top draws of the summer and GO has you covered. There is special GO Train service on the Milton, Kitchener, and Stouffville lines to take you to The Ex on Labour Day Weekend.
  4. If you like planning ahead and avoiding lineups, buy your GO e-ticket online in advance for return travel across the GO Network.

We know something about creating strong memories and getting customers to and from their favourite destinations. Add in the batter-fried goodness of the annual CNE, and it’s a great combo to end the summer on.

by Scott Money Metrolinx editorial content manager