A GO train heads over a small bridge.

Talk about roaming - GO Transit prepares for free Wi-Fi

Icomera will connect customers on 1,475 GO Transit vehicles.

Sep 4, 2019

The signal-strength bar indicating future free Wi-Fi on GO Transit vehicles just got stronger.

Metrolinx has signed an agreement with Icomera, a part of the ENGIE group and a global leader in providing wireless Internet connectivity for public transit, to connect all 1,475 GO buses and trains to Wi-Fi.

The official announcement was made during an event at Milton GO Station today (Sept. 4).

A man looks at his phone, as a GO train goes by.

Customers will begin to see Wi-Fi on buses and trains starting in the spring of 2020. The full rollout is scheduled to be complete by the fall of 2020. (Photo by Sara Wilbur)

Icomera, which works with passenger transport companies in the U.S. and Europe, will help set the stage for connecting while on the GO. Wi-Fi is a top desired amenity among customers, and Metrolinx has gone through an extensive evaluation process to ensure the right company was brought in to create the sophisticated network needed to stretch across GO’s large Greater Golden Horseshoe system.

Work has begun to put the necessary infrastructure and equipment in place to accommodate Wi-Fi on GO’s fleet without disrupting the daily service customers rely on. Getting Wi-Fi implemented on all 532 buses and 943 train coaches is a complex undertaking. As well, the transportation network they run on is expansive and covers a wide urban and rural geographic area.

“We know our customers want to stay connected to make the most of their journey time while traveling with us,” said Mark Childs, Metrolinx’s chief marketing officer. “That is why we are very excited to announce we will deliver Wi-Fi on our trains and buses.

“Our new partnership with Icomera is for great Wi-Fi and great on-board entertainment experiences. This is another exciting and important delivery for our customers.”

Mark Childs stands at a podium.

Mark Childs, Metrolinx’s chief marketing officer, during the announcement event on Sept. 4. (Photo by Nitish Bissonauth)

Customers will begin to see Wi-Fi on buses and trains starting in the spring of 2020. The full rollout is scheduled to be complete by the fall of 2020.

Customers will link to a reliable, high-quality Wi-Fi experience using a modern, user-friendly portal. To bring this service to our customers, Metrolinx is excited to partner with Icomera – a company that has a proven track record of rolling out Wi-Fi to roughly 4,000 trains and 26,000 buses around the world, serving millions of customers every day.

The GO Transit Wi-Fi experience will include more than Internet access, it will also provide customers with access to a wide variety of free entertainment content through a modern, user-friendly portal.

For GO customers, making important digital connections will soon be even easier and a great deal stronger.

by Aman Gill Metrolinx communications planning senior advisor