A woman looks at the PRESTO app.

Overdraft fees scrapped, other changes coming for PRESTO

PRESTO continues to make using the payment system easier to use for customers.

Nov 10, 2020

There’s more positive change coming to PRESTO customers.

A service fee for overdraft use – it amounted to 25 cents – is being scrapped. 

Previously, if a customer’s registered PRESTO card reached into the negative, there was a 25 cent fee. Starting on Nov. 9, that’s now gone.

A woman looks at the PRESTO app.

A PRESTO customer loads a card into the app. (Metrolinx photo)

The benefits of registering your PRESTO card doesn’t just stop at the overdraft fee removal – customers also receive access to balance protection, Autoload, Autorenew, and the ability to manage up to 10 multiple cards under a one account.

Find out more about the benefits to registering and creating a PRESTO account here.

And since many transit riders are travelling less these days, here’s a refresher on the many ways to load a PRESTO card to ensure there are always enough funds.


Autoload is a feature for users with a PRESTO Account. It automatically and instantly loads funds to your PRESTO card whenever your balance falls below a minimum balance you set. Using Autoload means you will always have the funds you need to travel.

For customers who are setting up Autoload for the first time, just be mindful that it could take up to 24 hours for the settings to kick-in.

After that, your PRESTO funds will never expire.


With the PRESTO App, you can check your account balance and instantly load funds and passes onto a PRESTO card from an NFC-enabled smartphone. Customers can set a low balance notification in the ‘settings’ as a reminder.

Station and Retail Options

Customers can check their balance and instantly load funds and monthly passes with PRESTO vending machines located at TTC subway stations, OC Transpo stations, and UP Express stations for those who prefer the in-person experience.

Customers can also check their card balance and instantly load funds and passes at any Shoppers Drug Mart location. Find a Customer Service Outlet near you.

Customers can also use PRESTO’s website to load funds. However, be mindful, funds may take up to 24 hours to arrive. If customers don’t tap their card on a PRESTO device within 30 days of the transaction, these funds will be refunded to the customer’s original payment method.

by Brandon Bernard Metrolinx Communications Planning Senior Advisor