bridge being lowered into place

New connections and heavy lifting at Port Credit GO Station

A new temporary bridge will be available soon for customers heading to Port Credit GO.

Apr 26, 2021

Construction crews recently installed a 21-metre-long temporary pedestrian bridge at Mary Fix Creek, just north of Port Credit GO Station.

This bridge will provide residents, including cyclists, with an easy connection from Vesta Drive to the north entrance of Port Credit GO Station.

The task required some heavy lifting. Steel weights were placed onto the base of a crane to counterbalance the massive nine tonne bridge, about the weight of two full-grown African elephants.

bridge being lowered into place

A crane helps lower the new steel bridge into place. (Metrolinx photo)

The crane was then used to slowly lift the 21-metre long bridge over the creek to properly position it.

Once positioned, the bridge was bolted down to the surrounding concrete and steel base. The crane was then used to position and mount the pieces of the deck on top of the floor beams to complete the process.  

After undergoing the proper safety checks, customers heading to Port Credit GO Station from Vesta Drive will be able to access it via the new temporary bridge later this week. Until then, pedestrians will still be able to access the station using the existing bridge.

Throughout this year, construction will be completed to accommodate the new Hurontario Light Rail Transit (HuLRT) line at the north and south parking lots of the Port Credit GO Station. Part of that work includes new channel and floodwalls for Mary Fix Creek.

a sign says minor access closures near the construction at Port Credit

Work continues to progress at Port Credit GO Station even as the pandemic pauses most of our regular day lives. (Metrolinx photo)

More bridge work will continue later this year at Port Credit GO.

Construction of a new bridge over the creek, extending Eaglewood Boulevard to Oriole Avenue, is expected to begin this summer. Once completed, the existing bridge over the creek at Inglewood Drive will be removed.

Heavy lifting continues for the HuLRT project. Stay up to date with ongoing construction, including work happening at Mary Fix Creek, by subscribing to Metrolinx’s Peel Region e-newsletter here, or follow the project on social media.

by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor