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MiWay service coming to new bus terminal at Kipling Transit Hub

Get the latest on the good news for Kipling GO customers.

Dec 14, 2020

For transit riders in Toronto’s west end, progress is moving at a, well, terminal velocity.

On Jan. 4, MiWay will be up and running at Kipling GO bus terminal located at 120 Subway Crescent in Etobicoke. With the new bus terminal now complete, all MiWay buses previously travelling to Islington Station will be relocated to Kipling. The bus terminal is part of the Kipling Transit Hub project and it will wrap up in the next couple of months. Have a closer look at the progress and the remaining work that will bring it over the finish line.

The new bus terminal improves connections for commuters with access to local and express MiWay routes that have been relocated from Islington Station. GO bus service will begin later in 2021.

Opening the bus terminal is part of transforming Kipling GO Station into a transit hub that enables seamless transit connections to GO rail and future GO bus service, MiWay bus and TTC subway and bus all in one convenient location.

Once the Kipling Transit Hub is complete, getting to and from the Kipling GO train to the bus terminal will be easier thanks to the new elevated pedestrian bridge that goes over the tracks and connects to the train platform.

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View of the Kipling bus terminal on the south side. (Metrolinx photo).

an overhand and place where buses can drive underneath.

North side of Kipling bus terminal. (Metrolinx photo).

doors leading into the terminal.

View of the bus platforms on the south side of the Kipling bus terminal. (Metrolinx photo).

Bus terminal amenities include restrooms, open bike parking, secure bike lockers, indoor waiting area with seating, and digital screens with bus and train schedule information.

waiting area with chairs.

Indoor waiting area of the Kipling bus terminal. (Metrolinx photo)

Customers can also access the entry building of the bus terminal from a pedestrian path at the end of Subway Crescent.

The sidewalks and bus loop are equipped with a snow melting system and the exterior waiting areas are covered to help protect against the elements.

From inside the terminal there are also views of the green roof, completed this past summer, and part of the project’s overall plan to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification. In case you missed it, get a glimpse of the green roof from a drone’s point of view here.

a green grass roof.

The green roof on top of Kipling bus terminal. (Metrolinx photo).

Since March 2018, the team has been focused on achieving this major milestone.

“We are excited to provide customers with a new facility that will improve commutes with more transit connections and enhance their overall experience,” said James Schick, Metrolinx Manager.

“Our next focus is to complete finishing touches on the bus terminal, prepare for GO bus service in 2021 and work on other improvements planned at the hub. Customers can expect to see the remaining changes harmonize with what we have built so far as we get closer to project completion.

an underground path.

Lower level of the bus terminal. (Metrolinx photo).

Opening in the near future, a new underground pedestrian tunnel from the Kipling GO bus terminal will connect to the TTC Passenger Pick Up and Drop Off (PPUDO). The new tunnels will make it easier to walk between the new bus terminal and the TTC station.

Next up will be completing the new parking lot northeast of the new bus terminal, including the PPUDO and taxi areas. The GO station is also undergoing renovations.

Anticipated for later this year, a private driveway will open at the new signalized intersection at Acorn Avenue to provide direct access from Dundas Street West into the new parking lot and PPUDO.

Metrolinx is making way for new connections to support a more convenient transit experience. The finish line is in the near future and the Kipling Transit Hub will be another addition to the Milton line.

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by Teresa Ko Metrolinx communications senior advisor