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Metrolinx releases new heart-stopping near-miss GO Train video

Video shows pedestrian ignoring warnings of approaching train and coming within inches of being hit.

Feb 22, 2019

You know that feeling in your belly when you have to brake suddenly to avoid an accident? The nervous, wow-that-was-too-close sensation that lasts for several minutes?

Somewhere, there’s a person who should still be living with that unease in the belly months after ignoring warning signals and coming within inches of being struck by a GO train.

Or they still may be walking, oblivious to the world around.

To stress safety using real-world situations, Metrolinx uses CCTV surveillance footage of actual close calls to help remind people to always travel safely.

And the latest video is nothing short of scary. It shows a person crossing the train tracks last September at an undisclosed railway crossing, completely unphased by the oncoming train.

The video release is a reminder to travellers and customers to pay attention to their surroundings and never cross when the gate arms are down.

This is part of our series of CCTV videos, as seen on the YouTube playlist below: