An image showing various products available on the Metrolinx Online Store like coffee mugs, plush...

Metrolinx opens new online shop for transit fans and customers

New virtual store offers merch & apparel showcasing Metrolinx, GO Transit, UP Express, and PRESTO.

Jul 19, 2021

Metrolinx is launching a new online shop today (July 19).

Branded merchandise is more popular than ever thanks to an increase in online shopping during the pandemic. Transit related products are often top of the list.

Fans and customers have asked for a chance to buy a stuffed GO Bear, or a branded mask, as well as other products that represent a big part of their travels.

The Metrolinx Shop offers merchandise, souvenirs, gifts, and apparel that showcase Metrolinx and its service brands: GO Transit, UP Express, and PRESTO.

The branded products highlight the history and nostalgic nature of the transit monikers and labels. For many of the hundreds of thousands of transit passengers, the GO, UP and PRESTO signatures – even during the pause in usual travel, thanks to COVID-19 – remain a unifying symbol of a big part of normal travel.

An image showing various products available on the Metrolinx Online Store like coffee mugs, plush...

A small sample of what’s available on The Metrolinx Shop. (Metrolinx image)

The names, especially GO Transit, are also respected and considered iconic among national and global transit enthusiasts, as well as Ontario history buffs.

With many transit customers starting to come back, these products offer a chance to showcase a passion for transit in everyday life. From a mug for morning coffee, to a T-shirt that goes well with work-from-home track pants, to a face covering for trips out of the house.

The shop offers the branded face coverings that inspired the original questions from customers. The limited-edition face coverings were previously only available at the GO and UP service counters in Union Station. Produced in Canada, they come in five designs and in three sizes, to safely fit adults and children. As well, $2 from each sale goes to the United Way.

Screenshot of the Metrolinx online store

The Metrolinx Shop offers all kinds of GO Transit, UP Express, and PRESTO branded products. (Metrolinx image)

Mini GO Bear plush toys will also be available for purchase. Additional merchandise and apparel include engineer hats, drinkware, baby onesies, dog bandanas, pillows and more.

And much like Metrolinx’s plans for transit across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, The Metrolinx Shop is expected to expand in the future.

The online shop all started with a question. So, for those looking for something that’s not available yet, here’s how to ask. Send your comments by going here.

If you didn’t catch the link above, go here to find the shop.

by Michael Zupanic Metrolinx brand advisor