A passanger stands in the door of a train. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

Metrolinx launches annual accessibility consultation

The transit agency is looking for feedback on vital accessibility planning to include all Ontarians.

Jan 7, 2021

In your spare bedroom turned home office.

While using a kitchen stool as a makeshift office chair.

Or while on your cell phone as you make dinner for the kids at the same time as you try to schedule your next virtual gathering with your extended family.

Amid a hectic start of 2021, Metrolinx is looking to connect, as the transit agency’s Accessibility Public Consultation is now live. You can find that page by clicking here.

The updated link offers an update on accessibility achievements, information on key planned initiatives for the year, and is a way to get important feedback on services and projects from all Ontarians

A passanger stands in the door of a train. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

Go Transit customer S. Thiru, is seen aboard a GO train. Metrolinx is looking to hear feedback from customers and community members on bus, train and rapid transit services and projects, as well as the future of transit around the Greater Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

Metrolinx remains committed to proceeding with its plans to ensure Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) compliance by or before 2025. That means working to remove existing barriers to access, avoid creating new barriers and address gaps hindering the safety and customer experience of persons with disabilities.

Metrolinx is committed to demonstrating leadership, consulting widely and incorporating best practices that go above the minimum legislated AODA requirements to enhance accessibility across services and infrastructure. This includes the commitment to ensure that services, infrastructure and operations are accessibility, safe and convenient for all customers and employees in accordance with the AODA; and working with partners in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) to plan, build and operate an integrated accessible transportation system.

This year’s consultation focuses on seven areas– Universal Design at Metrolinx, GO Rail and Bus, New Subway Projects, PRESTO, Light Rail Transit Services (LRT), Regional Specialized Transit Working Group, and how people can get involved. The consultation materials will offer up a summary, achievements and priorities for each section. At the end of each section, there’s a way to provide feedback on experiences and priorities.

Once the consultation period is complete, Metrolinx will use the input collected to post a summary online right here. All comments and input will also be considered during the preparation of the Accessibility Status Report.

Metrolinx has made improvements as it’s worked to renovate existing infrastructure and move forward with new projects. But officials say they know there is still work to do and welcome and appreciate the feedback from customers and advocates.

As a result of limitations on public gatherings due to COVID-19, the Metrolinx accessibility public consultations will be entirely virtual for 2020. But everyone will have the opportunity to provide input in a format that is accessible.

For any accommodation or alternative formats, please contact Metrolinx at accessibility@metrolinx.com or 416-525-2493

by Aman Gill Metrolinx communications planning senior advisor