Megabus starts to roll into new Union Station Bus Terminal

Megabus starts to roll into new Union Station Bus Terminal

This spring, megabus will be moving to the new Union Station Bus Terminal in downtown Toronto.

May 27, 2021

This spring marks a milestone for transit riders in the GTA, as GO Transit and megabus move in together at the Union Station Bus Terminal (USBT).  

Megabus will start doing test runs this month before officially making the big move to the new USBT on June 8.  Megabus is the first major third-party carrier to move into the new downtown bus terminal.  

With megabus trips operating out of the new bus terminal located on the northeast corner of Bay Street and Lake Shore Boulevard, travellers can look forward to more seamless connections within and beyond the GTHA right from Union Station. 

The new USBT is big part of Canada’s largest transportation hub that connects people to TTC, GO, UP and VIA Rail. Metrolinx says the vision for the new bus terminal was always to welcome other bus operators to make it even more accessible and connected for transit customers.

Megabus starts to roll into new Union Station Bus Terminal

A Coach Canada megabus parked in the Union Station Bus Terminal in downtown Toronto during a recent test run. (Metrolinx photo)

The new Union Station Bus Terminal opened its doors last December and features double the platform capacity of the old USBT, 270 bike parking spaces, and convenient amenities like washrooms, charging ports and Wi-Fi. 

With 14 bus bays, which is double the capacity of the previous Union Station Bus Terminal, and more waiting space for customers, the new terminal has lots of space.  

There is plenty of room to accommodate additional carriers and Metrolinx is currently in discussions with other operators on their potential use of the terminal. Any bus companies that do use the USBT would continue to operate independently.  

While using the new terminal does take some getting used to, there are lots of signs and staff on site to help people find their way.  

Megabus trips will be displayed on all of the 68 departure boards across the terminal – which will direct customers to the relevant zone on the first or second level to board their bus. 

As GO Transit welcomes its newest roommate at the downtown hub, it’s hopefully the start of growing family of transit that gives GTHA residents more options to get where they want to go.  

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by Aman Gill Metrolinx communications planning senior advisor