a median being taken apart

Major construction for Hurontario LRT coming to Brampton

Find out what’s happening in Brampton as the Hurontario LRT project continues to make progress.

Jul 7, 2021

Get ready Brampton.

Major construction for the Hurontario light rail transit (HuLRT) is set to start along the city’s portion of Hurontario Street later this fall.

a Brampton street with construction cones.

Brampton is about to see major advances toward the HuLRT route. (Metrolinx photo)

Over the past year, crews have worked diligently to shatter and haul away medians built along the Hurontario light rail transit (LRT) route. The medians, used to separate opposing traffic lanes along Hurontario Street, will eventually be replaced by tracks, stations and equipment needed to run the new transit system. Traffic flow will be easier due to the hard work crews have completed so far.

a median being taken apart

Crews have been working on removing medians along Hurontario Street in Brampton over the past year. (Metrolinx photo)

Before the tracks are put into place, the area will act as a drivable roadway to allow traffic to shift easily around the utility relocation work slated for later this fall.

Boreholes tell the tale

Upon completion of the median removal work, crews embarked on borehole investigations along the route. This work is the first part of site assessment work, and as part of the Hurontario LRT project, Metrolinx is required to evaluate the physical properties of the area where the LRT will be built. Boreholes are being drilled at various points along the Hurontario corridor to collect soil and rock samples for further laboratory testing.

Borehole investigations requires a small drill rig to dig a deep hole into the ground. Once the sample point has been reached and the required sample is collected, it is sent for testing.

By understanding the soil, groundwater and bedrock characteristics along the rail alignment, Hurontario LRT constructor, Mobilinx, is able to optimize and complete the design work for the LRT foundation. The information gathered is used to create detailed engineering plans for construction activities.

 What’s next for Brampton? This fall will mark the start of major construction for this light rail transit route in Brampton.

construction cones on the street.

Traffic construction barriers line up on Hurontario Street, as progress continues for the HuLRT. (Metrolinx photo)

The community can expect to see utility relocations, including watermain and telecommunication infrastructure relocation, followed by works to remove the boulevard and widen Hurontario Street in order to accommodate the future traffic configuration.

Utility relocations work, including the installation of new temporary traffic signals, will continue from Highway 407 all the way to Bartley Bull Parkway. This will ensure the safe delivery of utility service, as well as the smooth transition of traffic beyond the Hurontario LRTs terminus stop just south of Steeles Avenue. 

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by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor