a new ramp leading to the platform.

Major accessibility advancements at Port Credit GO

Port Credit gets upgrades to help passengers on their GO journey. Here’s what’s in store for riders.

Jul 23, 2021

After almost a year of work, major construction to enhance accessibility and safety features has reached the finish line at Port Credit GO station.

These new changes, as well as ongoing construction related to the Hurontario light rail transit (LRT) project, will welcome back many travellers who’ve been away from regular transit since the start of the pandemic.

yellow strips.

Port Credit is seeing progress on customer access and safety, including tactile elements that keep customers back from the rails and incoming GO trains. (Metrolinx photo)

This is big news for all customers, especially those who have mobility challenges. The construction meant no access to the south platform elevator and the island (north) platform elevator earlier this year.

Both elevators at the station are now successfully upgraded, more efficient and reliable, and most importantly, available for customers to use.

An important reminder for customers with mobility challenges is the north side of the station remains inaccessible and they should use the south side of the station instead.

Enhancements to accessibility have also included adding new amenities and improving existing station features.

More Options Available

Metrolinx has built a new accessible ramp at the west side of the station, offering customers a convenient connection between the bus loop and the south platform. Riders can also choose to use the newly widened accessible ramp at the east side of the station, which connects the south parking lot to the station building. There is an additional accessible ramp on the east side of the station, which connects the south parking lot to the south platform.

a new ramp leading to the platform.

The new accessible west ramp at Port Credit GO station connects the bus loop to the south platform. (Metrolinx photo)

Work has also taken place to improve safety features at the station. Tactile yellow safety tiles were installed on the edge of the train platforms to remind customers how far back to stand. Additional repairs on the train platforms were made including patchwork and curb improvements. Crews have also added new security systems to help keep people safe at the station. These important improvements are part of the overall GO Expansion program aimed to provide a faster, more convenient and safer journey.

But the work continues. Minor construction to enhance accessibility and safety features is expected to wrap up towards the end of summer. The majority of construction you’ll see at the station now is related to the Hurontario LRT and will continue into 2024.

For more information about construction check out the Port Credit GO Improvements web page.

by Ivona Pavkovic Metrolinx customer communications specialist