A train heads toward Union Station

Largest GO train service increase in five years adds options

220 new trips every week are now available along Lakeshore East and West lines

Sep 24, 2018

Let’s say you want to head from Pickering to downtown Toronto later on a weekday to avoid the morning rush. Perhaps you need to leave work quickly and get home to Oakville mid-afternoon. Maybe you’re travelling here and there along Lakeshore for some shopping, eating or sight-seeing.

Well, now it’s going to be even easier for you. Throughout much of the day, you can just show up and a GO train will be there in minutes.

Metrolinx has added new midday GO train service on its busiest routes with trains every 15 minutes in both directions on the Lakeshore East line and three trains per hour in both directions on Lakeshore West. There are 220 new trips in total.

It’s the latest step in the long-term plan to expand GO Transit service throughout the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area. Along with trains coming and going more frequently, lines are being extended and new stations are being built by 2025.

Learn more about the added service on the Lakeshore East and West lines here.