a smart phone with the app called up.

How low can you go? PRESTO reduces the minimum load online

PRESTO reduces the minimum load on the PRESTO app and the web to make contactless top-ups easier.

Sep 23, 2020

It’s change – actually just five cents – for the better.

PRESTO has removed the $10 minimum load requirement on all online channels. Now, customers only need to load $0.05 onto their cards when topping up or using the PRESTO app.

With safety being Metrolinx’s top priority – that means it’s now easier and more accessible to load a card from anywhere using the PRESTO app or website. This gives more flexibility for customers during challenging times where loading large amounts of money on their card could be difficult.

The minimum load has already been reduced on prestocard.ca and will come into effect for the PRESTO app early next week. PRESTO app users will be prompted to download an app update when it’s available.

a smart phone with the app called up.

The advances in the PRESTO app mean customers can simply make all their changes while standing on their front porch, rather than in line for a machine at the station. (Aman Gill photo)

Before you say “I’ve heard this story before”, you’re right. Well sort of.

Last year, PRESTO reduced the minimum load at all retail and in-person customer service outlets from $10 to $0.05. As part of a phased plan, this has now been expanded to online channels to continue to make it easier for customers to purchase and load cards. PRESTO is continuing to look at rolling out the reduced minimum load to remaining channels.

Like most fare card systems across the world, PRESTO requires customers to load a minimum value to their cards when they buy them. That’s a requirement that’s programmed right into the system.

Another reason to download the PRESTO app

The PRESTO app allows customers to instantly load funds onto their card, whether they have an Android or iPhone – no more wait times. And now, no more $10 minimum.

In addition to loading funds, the PRESTO app lets users load passes, check a balance, instantly view transaction history, manage autoload and add a PRESTO card.

PRESTO has also added a new ‘remember username’ feature on the PRESTO app, meaning one less step during the login process.

IOs users can access the app from the App Store, while Android users can access it from the Google Play Store. Just click here for those directions.

The app is available on NFC enabled devices. For Apple users, this feature is available for iPhone 7 and higher running iOS13 and higher.

PRESTO continues to grow – handling $1.9 billion in transactions last year, 65 million transactions a month and had four million active customers before the pandemic. It is also supporting the repayment of 207,000 monthly pass refunds for the TTC, as a result of the pandemic.

Immediate balance protection is coming

That means PRESTO is constantly rolling out new improvements for users.

For example, in addition to continuing to reduce the minimum load and enhancing the PRESTO app, PRESTO is introducing immediate balance protection in the event that a customer’s card is lost or stolen.

What that means is as soon as a customer reports their card lost or stolen, they won’t be responsible for any charges that may be incurred on it. Previously there was a 24 hour wait period. This is something customers have asked for. It will take effect this weekend.

by Brandon Bernard Metrolinx Communications Planning Senior Advisor