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GO Transit trip info – improved customer alerts now available

Upgrades to the On the GO system are here, bringing more customization & timeliness to GO customers.

Jun 10, 2022

Everyone likes to have options.

Now, GO Transit customers have more choices when it comes to the alerts they get about their regular transit trips.

Improvements rolled out today (June 10) include new features for subscribers to better customize the trip information they get right on their phone.

The newly improved On the GO alert system sends subscribers texts or emails about anything that may affect their GO Train or GO Bus trip, such as construction, delays, service changes and cancellations.

GO Transit trip info on the GO – New and improved customer alerts now available

The new updates go live today, June 10th. (Metrolinx photo)

Regular customers might be familiar with the alerts already, but the system was recently upgraded to add and improve multiple features.

Not only are there more options, but alerts will also be quicker and have a new look and feel.

What’s new to On the GO alerts?

For any delays or cancellations, users will be notified sooner so that they can adjust their schedule in advance

  • Alerts are more specific, providing more information, including how the disruption affects the trip from the rider’s station and new departure times
  • There are new options for riders to change  the alerts they receive and when they receive them; for example, riders can customize the days, time periods and types of content they want to receive
  • Customers can now opt in for construction alerts to stay in the know about station improvements and station access changes
  • Users can now sign into their On the GO accounts directly from email alerts, and view a web version of each email alert
  • Texts will have more content, ensuring customers get the essential info they need, regardless of the format that works best for them
  • Instead of calling the GO Transit Contact Centre, the new “forgot password” feature allows customers to easily reset their password from the On the GO website

These enhancements are available as of June 10. To sign up and get started, visit the On the GO alerts website.

For existing users, note that alerts may now come from a new email address and SMS number: or 89848.

by Abby Zinman Metrolinx editorial co-op student