Get your Joe on the GO - Fleets Coffee Mobile Café now offers pre-ordering at Maple GO station

Fleets Coffee Mobile Café now offers pre-ordering at Maple GO

Some Vaughan GO Transit customers can now get their caffeine fix even quicker.

Dec 15, 2020

For the past few months, customers may have seen – or even grabbed a coffee – from the Fleets Coffee Mobile Café parked at the Maple GO Station parking lot.

Well now, an app connection is in place to avoid the line and get that java – or pastry – fix quicker while using GO Transit for the morning commute. Here’s what you need to know.

This year, Metrolinx and Fleets Coffee teamed up to offer customers at select GO stations a cashless mobile food and beverage service. In August, Maple GO was the first of five GO stations to welcome a Fleets Coffee Mobile Café as part of a pilot program.  Plans to roll out the remaining four Fleets Coffee vehicles will take place throughout 2021.

Get your Joe on the GO - Fleets Coffee Mobile Café now offers pre-ordering at Maple GO station

The Fleets Coffee truck sits ready for morning commuters at Maple GO Station. (Metrolinx photo)

Through this mobile food and beverage partnership, customers have been able to order hot and cold beverages, treats, as well as breakfast and lunch items each morning. Beverages are made fresh to order, and food items are brought in daily.

For the non-basic coffee drinkers, you can find cappuccinos, espressos, Americanos, lattes, teas, iced coffees, and fresh baked goods. All hot beverages are prepared with hot milk – even a simple coffee – to keep customers’ beverages warmer longer.

Now, Maple GO customers can download the Fleets Coffee app to pre-order before even leaving home so that their order is ready for pick-up when they arrive at the station. Just in time for the wintery weather.

Get your Joe on the GO - Fleets Coffee Mobile Café now offers pre-ordering at Maple GO station

GO Transit customer Vincent So picks up his morning Java before hopping on his train. (Metrolinx photo)

The app is available on the App Store or Google Play Store, so you can register for an account before making a touchless order.

With the app, order your beverage, baked good or meal in advance for a quick pick-up and reduce your wait times.

With help from the app, Fleets Coffee will adjust their production queue based on each customer’s progress on their journey to the station, so orders are made just in time for pick up.

“At Metrolinx, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our customers’ experience,” said Mark Childs, Chief Marketing Officer for Metrolinx.

“Fleets Coffee Mobile Cafés provides a convenient and contactless way for customers to purchase a coffee and baked good, making their journey on GO that much more enjoyable.”

Kirk J. Tobias, Fleets Coffee’s Co-Founder & CEO, said: “We are very excited to be in a unique and creative partnership with Metrolinx to place Fleets Coffee Mobile Cafés at GO Transit stations. Our entire team is focused on using our patent-pending application software and mobile cafés to deliver three things: convenience, quality products and care.”

When you arrive, look for the bright turquoise Fleets Coffee truck located beside the Maple GO station building, between the Kiss & Ride and the platform. It is also worth mentioning that you can still walk up to the truck to place your order from a Fleets Coffee team member; however, cash is not accepted.

Regular service hours at Maple GO are from Monday to Friday, from 7:15 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

by Brandon Bernard Metrolinx Communications Planning Senior Advisor