A pile of tracks rests beside a rail line.

Crosstown projects sees new track for light rail vehicles

A new image from the Crosstown LRT provokes questions about how much of the metal line is in place.

Apr 29, 2021

How do you bring in new track for a light rail transit (LRT) project?

If you’re crews working on Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown project, you have a train bring it right to you on a line that’s already in place.

A pile of tracks rests beside a rail line.

Crosstown rails delivered by rail. (Metrolinx photo)

Among recent images taken of Crosstown progress, was one not-so-dramatic shot of a pile of tracks sitting next to, well, working tracks. The rail was delivered using the rail corridor.

That’s interesting. And so is the amount of track already put down. Experts on the project say more than 85 per cent of the light rail vehicle line is now in place.

Some other facts about the metal route Toronto will soon journey on:

  • There are six double crossovers – meaning the trains can cross from either side to the other – as well as five mono-directional crossovers
  • There are three pocket/storage tracks – places to store trains between the main east/west lines during service
  • And it adds up to 46,615 total metres of track

So it’s more than just a pile of metal sitting by the tracks. It’s a line that keeps getting stronger.