A bus moves along a side road.

Changes coming to some GO Transit bus routes

Combining most weekday trips on some east-west routes to give customers more transfer-free rides.

Feb 2, 2021

Schedule improvements are in the works for some GO Transit bus routes. 

Starting Feb. 13, Metrolinx is adjusting various east-west bus schedules to offer more transfer-free rides across the region, as well as adjusting other bus routes to improve schedules.   

It’s always recommended that customers check schedules and pay before boarding. 

GO Transit will be combining most weekday trips on some Hwy. 407 routes to give customers more transfer-free rides across the region. These new consolidated routes mean new cross-regional transit options that span Pickering and Hamilton (Route 41), as well as Oshawa and Oakville (Route 56). Eliminating the need for customers to transfer between buses at the Hwy. 407 bus terminal means one less thing for GO riders to think about. 

A bus wrap looks like it's transparent.

GO buses are seen with special wraps that show the many safety measures taken to keep customers safe during the pandemic. (Metrolinx photo)


The new GO bus Route 41 will be a combination of most weekday Route 47 and 51 trips – with some time adjustments. Weekday schedules will now include 38 trips serving this new route, which will offer customers a transfer-free ride between Hamilton and Pickering. 


The new GO bus Route 56 will be a combination of most weekday Route 46 and 52 trips – with some time adjustments. Weekday schedules will now include 38 trips serving this new route, which will offer customers a transfer-free ride between Oakville and Oshawa.  


Schedules for Routes 25 and 30 will be adjusted to better reflect actual travel times. 

And while travel times on Route 30 will be adjusted, trips will also now serve the Meadowvale Business Park with more stops. One westbound stop on Mississauga Rd., just south of Derry Rd. will be replaced by a stop nearby on Dupont Meadow Pl., and the route will now serve stops on Syntex Crt. and Financial Dr. 


Before getting on the GO, check schedules in advance

All mobile users – whether they have an Android or an iPhone – can instantly load funds and passes onto their PRESTO card

Customers can avoid the lines and buy GO Transit tickets online

A bus sits parked with a special wrap.

A GO bus sits parked in a special wrap, pointing out the many ways that customers are kept safe from COVID-19. (Metrolinx photo)


All these changes, as well as adjustments that reach back into 2020, take place amid heightened measures to protect the health of customers and staff, on buses, trains and at all stations. 

‘Safety Never Stops’ isn’t a slogan for Metrolinx. It’s a commitment. 

Even though the transit agency has introduced many measures across GO Transit and UP Express, such as mandating face coverings, installing physical barriers and hand sanitizer dispensers on vehicles and at stations, and enhancing cleaning of surfaces, the agency asks customers to do their parts. 

That means wearing masks properly at all times, washing hands regularly, and respecting fellow customers when in stations or on vehicles. As always, have patience with one another. 

Most of all, there’s a stay home order in place, so if you aren’t using the system for an essential trip, please stay home. We are continuing to monitor service very closely and adjusting service to get essential workers to their shifts in hospitals, shelters, food service, nursing homes etc, so they can get to where we need them most—on the frontlines.