An image of the bright tunnel at Brmalea.

Bramalea GO station progressing towards completion

For the past 28 months, crews have been hard at work to bring major improvements to Bramalea GO.

Dec 16, 2020

Essential travellers using the Bramalea GO station have seen the face of change, all around them.

But those working from home, may be missing significant advances taking place on the platform, tracks and more importantly, the parking garage.

For more than two years, crews have been busy on improvements, including a new parking structure, enhanced accessibility and safety features to create a better customer experience – with more connections.

These upgrades will enable Metrolinx to serve an increase in future daily passengers, as more GO train service comes to the Kitchener line over the next few years. Even through these are uncertain Covid-19 times, crews have been able to complete important platform work and are on track to continue to meet major milestones next year.

Some of the recent construction highlights include:

Parking Garage

The new parking garage at Bramalea will be one of the biggest on the entire Metrolinx network, with the capacity to accommodate 2,059 vehicles, and refreshed surface parking with an additional 1,300-plus spots.

The assembly for the new parking garage began in fall 2019 with construction crews layering 1,515 concrete blocks to create a six storey-parking structure. In the last six months, multiple trades, including electrical, masonry and civil trades, have been working together to progress the completion.

The mechanical work for the two new fully accessible elevators is also moving ahead as scheduled. The parking structure is expected to open in late spring 2021.

A picture of the Bramalea parking garage

The parking garage under construction at Bramalea GO station. (Metrolinx photo)

Building new connections

New connections for bus customers are coming to Bramalea GO station. Currently only GO buses and City of Brampton transit can drive into the station. Once completed, GO, Brampton Transit and ZÜM bus rapid transit buses will have 14 spacious spots to park and drop commuters off.

The bus platforms will also be covered by canopies to protect customers from the elements. Work to install these canopies began this fall and is well underway.

The new Bramalea GO station will feature two new fully accessible pedestrian tunnels connected to the north and south parking lot. Accessibility to and within the station will significantly improve with these changes. These new access routes will include raised multi-use pathways for cyclists and pedestrians accessing the station.

An image of the bright tunnel at Brmalea.

The new West Tunnel at Bramalea GO. (Metrolinx photo)

New Amenities

Bramalea GO station will feature a new station building with a passenger pick up and drop off area (Kiss & Ride), along with covered bike parking and retail space. Safety features including emergency call systems and lighting will be upgraded.

The exterior structure of the station building will be completed in the next few weeks while the interior finishes will continue into the new year.

Low ridership due to Covid-19 gave us an opportunity to accelerate some works in the station area, with more space available for crews to expand the work zone.

Platform upgrades

In the past 14 months, significant platform work has been accomplished at Bramalea GO station. Approximately 75 per cent of the overhead canopies including upgraded lighting, CCTV and digital information screens have been completed. Tactile yellow safety-tiles for customer safety and additional enclosed heated spaces were added at the platform level.

The upgraded platforms at Bramalea GO station are wide enough to easily support physical distancing. Island and South Platform upgrades are anticipated to be completed by spring 2021.

Customers walk along a new train platform.

The new island platform at Bramalea GO. (Metrolinx photo)

Over the next six months, work on the final segments of the Island and South platform will continue. The interior of the parking structure will be completed and work will progress at the station building and the bus platforms.

For those customers still regularly using the station, it’s been constant progress. And for those who’ve taken a pause in using the Bramalea stop, when they return to commutes and travels, there will be a lot to brag about. For latest information on Bramalea GO station, just click here.

by Madeha Khalid Metrolinx manager of Community Engagement – Rapid Transit