an LRT going under a bridge.

‘Push box’ and guideways coming to Hurontario Light Rail Transit

Get the latest info on the Hurontario LRT construction happening in Peel Region.

Jan 28, 2021

Work on the Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) route is about to get a nudge up – and a ‘push box’ ahead.

Crews working on the new Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) system are moving into technical and interesting ground, that those living and driving nearby will be able to spot. The upcoming work slated for the coming months includes construction of elevated guideways above street level, including across Highway 403.

As well, once utilities have been safely relocated, the Hurontario roadway will also be widened to support future lane configurations for when the LRT infrastructure is in place. Road widening will begin in Mississauga South, and then continue north throughout the corridor through 2021.

a graphic of roadwork being done.

A description of the road widening process in Mississauga South is outlined here. (Metrolinx image)

The ‘Push Box’

After this is complete, excavation and shoring works for the QEW underpass will follow. Once the area has been excavated and supported, crews will build the hollow concrete structure, or a ‘push box’ and install temporary track support systems. Following that, hydraulic jacks will be used to slowly push the push box into its place.The QEW push box will be a permanent structure that will act as a passageway for northbound traffic to pass through once the LRT line is complete.

an LRT going under a bridge.

The ‘push box’ will carry the LRT Right-of-Way under the tracks without disrupting the flow of Traffic on Hurontario Street. (Metrolinx image)

In Cooksville, temporary traffic signals will continue to be installed overhead at all the intersections along Hurontario Street between Fairview Road West and Harborn Trail. This will allow for the reconfiguration of traffic lanes and road widening work to continue.  Utility relocations in this area will start in the summer, followed by road widening, boulevard work and the installation of noise walls.

an elevated street view.

Rathburn and Hurontario before the LRT line. (Metrolinx photo)

traffic flowing along highways.

The same intersection once the new LRT line is complete. The elevated guideway is a stand-alone structure that will run above street-level and over the Highway 403 to ensure efficient transportation and better connectivity. (Metrolinx photo)

Elevated Guideway

The elevated guideway is another improvement coming to Hurontario Street later this year. The guideway is a stand-alone structure that will branch off from Hurontario towards the west and will be built specifically for the LRT line to connect to other transit systems and routes in Mississauga.

One part of the elevated guideway will extend from Square One Drive, going north west, while the other part will extend from Hwy 403 north off the ramp. A third piece will extend at the Y-junction towards Rathburn Road, stopping at the future Mississauga City Centre Stop. The structure will be directly adjacent to the Hurontario overpass of Hwy 403.

Construction of the guideway is scheduled to begin in the summer.

In addition to this work, trackwork to support the future Hurontario LRT project is scheduled to follow later this year.

lights being put up next to a street.

Temporary signal heads will be hung on temporary poles during construction. (Metrolinx photo)

Early construction is still progressing along Hurontario, but expect to see a host of construction milestones ramping up later this year.

Editor’s note – Changes were made to this story on Jan. 29 and Feb. 1, 2021.

by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor