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More Possibilities to Get Around on Your Schedule

Kitchener has become an incredible tech hub, with more people and businesses coming into and out of the region than ever before – to meet this growth, we’ve increased service over the past year by nearly 45%. With so much expansion happening (and no indication that it’ll be slowing down), more and frequent connections across our transit network are vital to the continual growth, development and prosperity of all residents in Ontario.

That’s why Metrolinx has brought even more service to benefit communities along the Kitchener corridor. Increased service means more travel options and improved schedule flexibility, including the first midday trip between Union Station and Kitchener and a new late-night option. It opens up more possibilities for customers to travel when they want to and access transit that fits their plans. More Kitchener GO service – It’s happening.

We've come so far:

GO Transit’s Kitchener line provides weekday rush-hour trains travelling the 101km between Kitchener-Waterloo and Union Station. Six trains run east in the morning and six run west in the afternoon, connecting you to what matters most. In September 2019, the first midday trip between Union and Kitchener was added to the line, along with a new late-night option.

The Kitchener rail corridor is your ticket to a web of transit that will take you across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, connecting with local services like Grand River Transit, Guelph Transit, Brampton Transit, MiWay, the TTC and UP Express.

Every year, 5 million trips are taken on the line, with 85 rush hour trips per week on the Kitchener Rail Corridor, plus another 65 midday trips per week.

Breslau GO Station


30 minute
rush hour service

All alignments, stations, stops, locations, names and quantity of stations/stops are conceptual and subject to change.

Here is some of what’s happening across the Region of Waterloo:

GO service is expanding to serve you better – with more frequent service, more stations, cleaner technology and more connections. Across the entire network, our goal is to deliver 6,000 train trips a week – so you won’t need a schedule because the next train is coming soon.

Kitchener Expansion

  • In spring 2021, the Kitchener GO Rail Service Expansion Preliminary Design Business Case Update was released assessing delivery of two-way, all-day, GO Rail services on the Kitchener Corridor.
  • The PDBC evaluates two options to address a key operational constraint at Silver Junction.
  • Learn more about the Preliminary Design Business Case.

Construction Notices:

Future is brighter:

The excitement is building as we embark on the massive transformation of the existing GO rail system to bring a whole new rapid transit experience to your community, including a new station at Breslau.

Two-way all-day service to Kitchener requires a host of new infrastructure between Kitchener GO and Bramalea GO. Significant steps are underway to make the changes needed so the corridor can accommodate two-way all-day service. This includes exploring options for electrifying the route and potentially adding a new GO fleet to carry riders, plus new signals, communications systems, and bridges and tunnels.

All proposed new station stops are subject to completion of a full business case analysis.