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Let's get moving.

The Speed of Your Life

Metrolinx is building transit in and around your community as part of the largest transit infrastructure program in Canadian history. It’s all part of the plan to keep our region moving today and tomorrow.

What We're Doing And Why

Transit is our lifeblood. Every train, subway, bus, and streetcar helps to keep us moving, connecting us to the people and places that matter most. As our region grows, our transit system needs to grow too. That’s why we’re working on over $32 billion in transit projects with 31 municipalities to transform the way we move today, and tomorrow.

Learn more about why we’re building a better transit network.

Seeing is Believing

Every project helps to create new connections across our region and that means better transit days ahead - but we also know construction isn't easy. That's why we are committed to working with our transit partners and local communities to keep you in the know.

See what we're building across the region.

We’re Listening

Every community transit project big or small, plays a vital role in getting us moving. Join us at a community meeting or help to shape a specific transit project or plan by sharing feedback on Metrolinx Engage. You can also follow the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or YouTube and by signing up for our blog - The Link .

Join the conversation to help shape a brighter future.