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Metrolinx Careers: Senior Advisor Shilah Diminie

Get to know the EPA-Indigenous relations senior advisor and her work with Indigenous communities.

Jun 19, 2024

“The ‘why’ for me in this position is truly the positive impact that I can make, and I'm making, towards building these positive relationships with communities,” said Shilah Diminie, a senior advisor on the Environmental Programs & Assessments Indigenous Relations (EPA-IR) team at Metrolinx. 

Diminie, a proud Anishinaabekwe from Mnjikaning First Nation, also known as Chippewas of Rama First Nation, is a trained Environmental Technician and Fish and Wildlife Technician with a degree in Conservation Biology.  

Shilah Diminie

Shilah Diminie with her beloved late dog, Millie.

Focusing primarily on Metrolinx’s Subways programs, she collaborates with project teams and works with different Indigenous communities in Ontario. 

“Metrolinx has a lot of projects that are being built on traditional territories of many Indigenous communities,” said Diminie. In her role, Diminie looks at project impacts and will suggest alternatives, mitigations and – if they are unavoidable – ways that the environmental impacts can be offset for the communities.  

“I come in with an environmental lens, as well as an Indigenous lens,” said Diminie. 

Day to day, she supports the development of presentations for community meetings and reviews correspondence to communities about topics like project updates, archeological work and species-at-risk surveys, making sure that the information presented is clear, transparent and highlights the key pieces of information that would be of interest to the communities.  

Diminie also brings subject-matter expertise to project meetings as well as community engagement and consultation activities.  

“We work with a lot of different Indigenous communities, but that doesn't mean that every time we meet with a community it's the same,” said Diminie. “It really comes down to relationship building to fully understand the communities’ priorities, interests, perspectives and concerns.”

“I am passionate about working towards helping build positive relationships with the communities and really trying to prioritize the voices of the communities that we work with,” said Diminie.   

Shilah Diminie

Before joining Metrolinx, Diminie worked on a wolf population research project that’s currently on display at the Canadian Museum of Nature, located in Ottawa.

The Metrolinx senior advisor finds great gratification in her work, not least because one of the communities she works with is her own. “I can be a role model for the youth in my community to pursue higher education and pursue these types of educational pathways and careers,” said Diminie.  

“I'm just over eight months now in this position and I couldn't be happier,” said Diminie. “I just love the different opportunities that I get to have and the different experiences that I've been able to gain and am excited to see what's to come in the future.” 


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by Truc Nguyen Senior Editorial Content Producer