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Konstantinos Abuamsha, Bus Driver

Expenses from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012

Total Amount
2011-04-02 to 2011-04-30Mileage to various work locations$896.00
2011-05-02 to 2011-05-21Mileage to various work locations$686.40
2011-06-05 to 2011-06-28Mileage to various work locations$467.20
2011-07-02 to 2011-07-21Mileage to various work locations$587.20
2011-08-24 to 2011-08-24Mileage to various work locations$36.00
2011-09-03 to 2011-09-16Mileage to various work locations$496.00
2011-10-25 to 2011-10-31Mileage to various work locations$261.60
2011-11-01 to 2011-11-30Mileage to various work locations$924.80
2011-12-01 to 2011-12-28Mileage to various work locations$651.20
2012-01-03 to 2012-01-31Mileage to various work locations$861.60
2012-02-01 to 2012-02-26Mileage to various work locations$633.60

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