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Potential CP Rail Strike Could Cause GO Transit Delays

TORONTO: May 28, 2018  – Canadian Pacific Rail labour unions are again in a legal strike position as of 10:00 pm on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, which could impact some GO Transit rail services. If a strike does occur, we have plans in place to ensure customers can continue to travel safely and as easily as possible if a strike occurs.

Our plans have been adjusted since our last communication to customers in April and no train services need to be cancelled. In the event of a CP labour disruption, we are now able operate trains into Hamilton GO Centre.

However, the potential for delays on CP-owned track increases during a labour disruption, so we recommend customers plan ahead and keep updated. 

Why would a CP strike impact my GO train service?

While GO Transit owns a majority of the rail network over which it operates, some sections are owned by other rail companies, including CP. Specifically, CP owns and maintains the Milton rail corridor, as well as an intersecting portion of the Barrie corridor and the spur serving the Hamilton GO Centre.

If there is a labour disruption, there will be fewer CP staff members available to address any signal or switch issues, meaning potentially longer delays for train customers in Hamilton, and along the Milton and Barrie lines.

Keep informed

Safety continues to be Metrolinx’s top priority and customers can be assured that GO Transit remains the safest way to travel. Please check the GO website for updates and sign-up for On The GO alerts to keep in the know.

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