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Media Release

Metrolinx Celebrates Carpool Week

TORONTO: February 3, 2017 – Metrolinx is kicking off Carpool Week, February 6 to 12, and asking the region to participate. The annual campaign, led by Smart Commute, promotes carpooling by raising awareness of its many benefits. It’s also a chance to celebrate those who already carpool.

Driving alone is both lonely and expensive. Metrolinx encourages drivers to share the drive and save on the costs. By sharing their ride, carpoolers can share the cost of gas, tolls and parking, not to mention reducing wear and tear on their car. Interested commuters can use the Carpool Savings Calculator to calculate the amount of money they could save. Those looking for a carpool match can sign-up for the Smart Commute Tool at explore.smartcommute.ca.

Currently, there are just over 25,000 users of the tool, and in 2016 carpool users logged over 33,350 trips saving nearly $390,000. This year, by logging trips on the tool carpoolers can participate for a chance to win one of three VIA Rail travel vouchers.

Another option to consider is carpooling to your local GO station. Carpoolers benefit from reserved carpooling parking spots which can be obtained by applying for a carpooling permit.

Finding a match is easier than you might think – 90% of GO customers are within a 5-minute drive of someone else catching the same train. GO Transit offers more than 625 designated carpool parking spots at 50 stations, and have just recently added 12 new spots at Aurora GO Station with plans for future expansion at other locations.

Investing in smart travel choices such as carpooling, is one example of how Metrolinx is transforming how the region moves. By changing when, where and how we travel, we can make more efficient use of our transportation system. Metrolinx’s Regional Transportation Plan and Five Year Strategy (2015-2020) commit to influencing travel behaviour, such as reducing travel of single occupant vehicles, by encouraging the adoption of smarter travel options like carpooling.

Visit the carpool section of the Smart Commute website to learn more about the benefits of carpooling

Find or set up a carpool using Smart Commute’s free online tool explore.smartcommute.ca


“Small changes in how we travel have big impacts on the region. Carpool Week celebrates drivers who share the drive by decreasing the number of cars on the road to reduce road congestion. It’s one of the ways in which Metrolinx is encouraging residents in the GTHA to do their part towards a more connected region.”

- Leslie Woo, Chief Planning Officer, Metrolinx

For media inquiries, please contact Vanessa Barrasa at vanessabarrasa(at)metrolinx.com or 416-230-3732.