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Media Release

Upcoming Platform Changes for GO at Union Station

TORONTO: December 9, 2016 – Metrolinx is moving forward with its multi-year Union Station Revitalization Project to create a better commuting experience for GO Transit customers.

Starting December 19, some weekday trains departing from Union Station will use different platforms to accommodate this next phase of construction on the Union Station train shed roof. There will not be any GO train schedule modifications related to these platform closures.

With the completion of revitalization work on tracks 6 and 7 and adjoining platforms 11 through 13, work is now moving onto tracks 4 and 5 and adjoining platforms 7 through 10. These tracks and platforms will be closed as we refurbish the train shed’s existing steel structure and install new expansion joint seals to prevent water leaks, all in advance of installing a new roof over the tracks and platforms to better protect customers from the elements. Tracks 6 and 7 and adjoining passenger platforms 11 through 13 will reopen.

Union Station is Canada’s busiest transportation hub with over 200,000 GO Transit customers travelling through it every weekday. The nearly 90-year-old structure is also designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. The revitalized structure and new roof will result in a safer, more comfortable experience for our customers by protecting them and our infrastructure from the elements.

Maintaining and increasing service for GO customers as this work is completed is a big undertaking and not without its challenges.

We encourage customers to visit GO Transit’s web site to check whether these changes will affect their trips.

For media inquiries, please contact Media Relations at mediarelations(at)metrolinx.com or 416-202-5859.