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Metrolinx Celebrates Bike Month

TORONTO: May 26, 2016 – Smart Commute, a program of Metrolinx, is helping kickoff Bike Month by encouraging commuters in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) to try incorporating cycling into their commute, whether that’s biking to work, school, GO Transit or UP Express. Bike Month is an annual campaign led by Cycle Toronto which begins May 30 and extends throughout the month of June. The month of June kicks off with Bike to Work Day on May 30, led by Smart Commute, followed by Bike to School Week, led jointly by Smart Commute and CultureLink, May 30 – June 3. Events throughout the month are made possible through collaboration with municipalities and other partners across the GTHA. On Monday, May 30, for the tenth consecutive year, Smart Commute is leading Bike to Work Day - a GTHA-wide campaign to encourage people to cycle to work. Bike to Work Day is considered the kick-off to Bike Month and features public events across the GTHA. Many Smart Commute member businesses host other cycling events for their employees throughout the month, visit biketoworkday.ca for more information.

Metrolinx also encourages students, parents and teachers to participate in Bike to School Week, May 30 to June 3. Led by Smart Commute and CultureLink, Bike to School Week is a celebration of cycling and active transportation with the goal of increasing the number of children who bike to school. Walking and cycling to school provides physical activity, is linked to improved academic performance, promotes socialization, and can bring a host of other social, economic and environmental benefits for children, families and the broader community. The commuting choices of parents are influenced by how their children travel to school. For a list of schools registered check out biketoschoolweek.ca

Metrolinx recently released the findings of a study commissioned by Smart Commute, revealing a downward trend in active school travel (AST) across the. The findings show that the number of children and youth walking or biking to school in the GTHA has declined over a period of 25 years. An increase in active school travel in the GTHA supports the goals outlined in Metrolinx’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Metrolinx’s RTP sets out a vision that 60% of children in the GTHA will walk or cycle to school by 2031. Children and youth are the commuters of tomorrow – it’s important to instill “smart” commuting choices at an early age.

In addition, all month long, Metrolinx encourages GO Transit users to try biking to their local GO station. Fifty per cent of GO customers are within a 10-minute bike ride of their GO station. We also encourage our UP Express commuters to bike to UP. Consider jumping on UP Express with your bike at Weston or Bloor stations to Union Station for a bike ride along the waterfront or cruise around the streets of downtown Toronto.

There are many benefits of cycling that that can be felt at a personal level and extend across the region. Biking results in personal benefits by reducing commuting costs, improving health, saving time as well as community benefits by alleviating traffic congestion, reducing environmental impact. Commuter Attitudes Survey (2014) showed that 93% of cyclists (in GTHA) are satisfied with their commute.

Metrolinx is working to provide residents and businesses in the GTHA with a transportation system that is modern, efficient and integrated. Find out more about Metrolinx's Regional Transportation Plan for the GTHA. Find out more about GO Transit, PRESTO, and Union Pearson Express, divisions of Metrolinx.


“A special thank you to all the municipalities and our partners across the GTHA, the events throughout Bike Month are only made possible with your continued collaboration and support.”
- Leslie Woo, Chief Planning Officer, Metrolinx

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