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PRESTO Rollout On Track Aboard TTC Streetcars

All legacy streetcars will be equipped with PRESTO by the end of the month

TORONTO: December 17, 2015 – The PRESTO rollout on the TTC continues as dozens of new fare card readers are being brought online aboard legacy streetcars.

Following rigorous testing, PRESTO devices are now live on more than 100 of the TTC’s legacy streetcar fleet, with the remaining streetcars coming online by the end of this year.

Work continues to expand PRESTO across the entire TTC network by the end of 2016, with a new, modern TTC fare gate with integrated PRESTO payment to be tested in the first quarter of next year. Once the trial is complete, the fare gates will be installed in the 43 TTC subway stations that are not yet PRESTO-enabled by the end of the year. PRESTO installation and testing will also begin on the TTC’s bus and Wheel-Trans fleets in 2016.

When PRESTO is fully deployed, there will be more than 10,000 electronic fare payment devices in surface vehicles and subway stations to provide the 1.7 million people who ride the TTC each weekday with a modern, fast and convenient way to pay for transit.


"This is great news for all transit riders who take TTC to get to work, school and appointments. PRESTO is critical to our vision of a convenient and integrated regional transit system in the GTHA. We are continuing to move forward with large transit investments to keep the Region moving. This is further proof of our government’s commitment to making the daily commute and quality of life better for Ontario families.”
— Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation

"The TTC is committed to enhancing fare payment options for our customers. By adding PRESTO to our legacy streetcar fleet, we’ve made it easier for our riders to take the TTC. Adopting PRESTO is another example of our commitment to customer service.”
— Josh Colle, Chair, TTC

“PRESTO on Toronto streetcars makes it that much easier for residents in the Toronto area to use transit. That is good for the environment, good for transit operators and good for cities looking to solve gridlock. The Government of Canada is happy to help.”
— Adam Vaughan, MP for Spadina–Fort York and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs

“Bringing PRESTO to all streetcars is making it easier to take transit. By rolling out PRESTO across the entire TTC network, we’re helping create even stronger connections throughout our region.”
— Bruce McCuaig, President and CEO, Metrolinx

"The TTC’s adoption of PRESTO is another step in our modernization plan. We look forward to giving our customers another fast, convenient option to pay their fares through PRESTO and eagerly await the full rollout system-wide”.
— Andy Byford, CEO, TTC

Quick facts
  • The first phase of PRESTO rollout was completed at 26 TTC subway stations and on board all in-service new TTC streetcars in time for the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games in July 2015. About 300,000 TTC customers now tap on the subway using PRESTO each week and over 3,000 customers use PRESTO on board new streetcars each week.
  • There are now nearly 1.8 million activated PRESTO cards across the GTHA and Ottawa, with an average of 16 million taps per month.
  • Beyond the TTC, PRESTO is available on GO Transit, UP Express, and eight local transit agencies across the GTHA and Ottawa.
  • Self-serve reload machines have been installed at 23 of the PRESTO-enabled subway stations, allowing customers to add value to their cards for instant use.
  • A six-month pilot began this week to sell pre-loaded PRESTO cards at Gateway Newstand stores located within select TTC subway stations, and PRESTO cards will soon be expanded to additional TTC pass vending machines.
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Patrick Searle
Minister's Del Duca’s Office

Elizabeth Cheesbrough
MP Adam Vaughan’s Office

Anne Marie Aikins

TTC Corporate Communications