Rob MacIsaac, Chair
Peter Smith, Vice-Chair (Chair of GO Transit)
Roger Anderson (Chair of Durham Region)
Paul Bedford (Former Toronto Chief City Planner and Professor, University of Toronto and Ryerson University)
Gary Carr (Chair of Halton Region)
Fred Eisenberger (Mayor of Hamilton)
Bill Fisch (Chair of York Region)
Adam Giambrone (Toronto City Councillor and Chair of the TTC)
Norm Kelly (Toronto City Councillor)
Hazel McCallion (Mayor of Mississauga)
David Miller (Mayor of Toronto)


Metrolinx addresses the urgent need to improve and integrate transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Created by the Government of Ontario in 2006, our mission is to develop a state-of-the-art transportation system that moves people and goods efficiently, economically and in an environmentally sustainable way. Metrolinx has consulted extensively with stakeholders and the public in the development of The Big Move.


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