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All tender information and documents (electronic or hard copy) are now available exclusively through MERX either for a flat, per-opportunity access fee or on an annual membership fee basis.

Basic information on publicly tendered projects is available in French on the MERX site here. All Metrolinx tender documents on MERX are currently available in English only. If you wish to obtain information about our tenders in French, please call 416-869-3600. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Metrolinx will continue to publish Document Takers listings for Invitational Construction Projects at this site.


Information Bulletin: Metrolinx Procurement Process Changes - Qualifying Statements

Request for Information for Leasing Opportunities for 3500 Eglinton Ave. West Toronto

As part of its Procurement Transformation Project, Metrolinx is making changes to the process for managing qualifying statements. Qualifying statements are statements inserted by a vendor in its bid submission that impact the terms and conditions of the tender document or imply that the bid is only valid if certain additional conditions or requirements are met. Currently, vendors are normally requested to remove qualifying statements in order for their bid to be deemed administratively compliant at the sole discretion of Metrolinx. In the near future, Metrolinx will be making a process change whereby any bids that contain qualifying statements by the vendor will be deemed administratively non-compliant and be disqualified at the sole discretion of Metrolinx. Vendors will no longer be given the opportunity to remove these qualifying statements from their bids following the receipt of the bid my Metrolinx. Metrolinx is making this change to shorten the cycle time required to process bids and to align with procurement best practices related to “bid repair”.

Metrolinx has completed updates to its tender document language that will outline this change. Vendors will begin to see new language within tender documents in the near future. Vendors are highly encouraged to read through the tender documents in their entirety to ensure that they understand the requirements in full in order to avoid unnecessary disqualification of their bids.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Paul Davidson, Senior Manager – Client and Vendor Relations at your convenience at 416-869-3600 x5270 or paul.davidson@metrolinx.com. Vendors may also direct questions in writing related to a particular tender document to the Metrolinx contact listed in the tender.

Request For Information

Request for Information No. RFI-2014-SBP-007

Request for information for leasing opportunities for 3500 Eglinton Ave west Toronto.

Metrolinx is issuing this Request for submissions of interest by prospective tenants for the adaptive re-use of the building located at the property municipally known as 3500 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto. 

Request For Information Documents may be downloaded via the following link:

RFI-2014-SBP-007 - 3500 Eglinton Ave. West

All enquiries and other communications are to be directed to Mike Newman at  (416) 202-5526, or e-mail mike.newman@metrolinx.com.

Proponents who are interested in this initiative and consider themselves qualified may submit an Expression of Interest via e-mail to the attention of Mike Newman, Manager, Procurement and Contract Services, by no later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, June 15, 2015 via e-mail to mike.newman@metrolinx.com, Please include the Expression of Interest reference number RFI-2014-SBP-007 in the e-mail subject line.  

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NOTE: The following Construction projects are for pre-qualified and/or invited General Contractors only. These postings and General Contractor Listings are provided for the benefit of Sub-Contractors and are for information purposes only.

Construction Projects - Invitational

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Addenda Issued

@ 14:00
@ 10:30

Pre-Notice of Proposed Procurements by Metrolinx for its GO Transit Signalling & Train Control Improvement Program

General Information and Background

Metrolinx, an agency of the Government of Ontario, was created to champion, plan, develop and deliver a seamless, integrated public transit network in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Metrolinx has three (3) major operating divisions: GO Transit; Union Pearson Express; and PRESTO.

The GO Transit operating division of Metrolinx provides regional train and bus service in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. GO Transit provides train and bus service to a population of more than seven million people over an area greater than eleven thousand square kilometres.

As part of its program to upgrade and increase the capacity of its GO Train service, Metrolinx is undertaking a program of work to improve significant portions of its GO Transit Signalling and Train Control Systems. The contemplated work includes the replacement of the existing signalling system in the Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) in Toronto and a new Train Control System that will integrate the control of the new signalling system in the USRC and the existing signals systems on the GO Transit owned and operated rail corridors into one central control centre. It is Metrolinx’s intent that this program of work will be performed under three (3) separate contracts which will be awarded through three (3) separate Request for Proposals processes.

Upcoming Requests for Proposals

Metrolinx intends to issue three (3) Requests for Proposals for this program of works as follows.

Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) Signalling Project

The scope of this project involves: the replacement of all signals, track circuits and cables in the USRC; the provision of all associated computer based interlocking and control equipment; the provision and installation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, local control panels, equipment cases, bungalows, signal bridges; and cable routing and ducting.

Planned issue date of Request for Proposals: July 2013

GO Transit Train Control System (GTCS) Project

The scope of this project includes the provision of a new computer based train control system including all associated hardware, software, and geographically specific data. The communication backbone network to be provided shall link the new train control system

with all the existing GO Transit signalling systems on the GO Transit owned and operated network and the new USRC signalling system as well as interfacing with the Canadian National and the Canadian Pacific Railways’ respective Rail Traffic Centres at the boundaries of the GO Transit territory. The new train control system will be located in the GO Transit Control Centre which is being constructed adjacent to the Oakville GO Station. A second system, the Business Resumption Centre, is to be provided for redundancy at a yet to be determined location, but will probably be located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Metrolinx may issue a Request to Pre-qualify prior to the release of this Request for Proposals to develop a short-list of contractors to submit proposals for this project.

Planned issue date of Request for Proposals: Winter 2013

GO Transit Signalling & Train Control Technical Consultant Services

The scope involves the provision of expert staff to work as part of an integrated Program Management Team for the GO Transit Signalling & Train Control Program. The Technical Consultant shall be responsible for developing the Owner’s Statement of Requirements for the GO Transit Train Control System (GTCS) project as well as providing assistance for during the Request for Proposals process and the evaluation of submissions. The Technical Consultant shall also be responsible for the management of the systems integration of both the technical and schedule aspects of the USRC Signalling System and the GO Transit Train Control System projects, oversight of the testing and commissioning activities for both systems, and the review and recommendation of acceptance or rejection of the contractors’ submittals for both projects.

Planned issue date of Request for Proposals: Summer 2013

Additional Information

Please note that neither the successful contractor/consultant who is awarded the contract for the GO Transit Signalling & Train Control Technical Consultant Services, nor its subconsultants and/or subcontractors, will be allowed to participate in the Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) Signalling Project or the GO Transit Train Control System contract. The reason for this exclusion is to avoid the conflicts that would be created as result of the responsibilities of the Technical Consultant Services in relation to the work of the other two contracts.

The above referenced Requests for Proposals will be posted on MERX. It is recommended that interested contractors and consultants monitor the MERX website on a regular basis for any additional information relating to these Requests for Proposals.

This pre-notice does not constitute a binding commitment on the part of Metrolinx to issue any or all of the referenced Requests for Proposals or to proceed with any or all of

the contemplated work. The statements and representations contained in this notice are not binding on Metrolinx. The contents of any Request for Proposals that may be issued may vary from the description of the projects, services, and deliverables as provided in this pre-notice.

Contact Person:

Ian Caie, Manager, Procurement – Capital
Procurement and Contract Services
Telephone No.: (416) 869 – 3600 ext. 5443
Email: Ian.Caie@metrolinx.com

For a PDF version of this notice please click here

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