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The 2041 Regional Transportation Plan

About The 2041 Regional Transportation Plan

The 2041 Regional Transportation Plan (2041 RTP) guides the work to transform the transportation system in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). It is a blueprint for creating an integrated multimodal regional transportation system that will serve the needs of residents, business and institutions.

The 2041 RTP builds on the success of The Big Move (2008), the first Regional Transportation Plan for the GTHA, by putting traveller needs at the core of planning and operations. Centered on three goals of creating strong connections, complete travel experiences, and sustainable communities, the 2041 RTP outlines five strategies and a set of strategic objectives to achieve the 25 year vision for the region. It was developed with our diverse partners and stakeholders from across the region, and articulates a plan to provide travellers with convenient and reliable connections that support a high quality of life, a prosperous and competitive economy and a healthy environment in the GTHA.

Making it Happen

Implementing the 2041 RTP is a shared responsibility of Metrolinx and its partners, including federal, provincial and municipal governments. It will require a concerted effort by all partners, a region-wide method to coordinate transportation planning and investment, and a regional approach to long-term funding. Realizing the vision will also require the involvement of the private sector, civil society, academic partners and the general public.

Metrolinx has developed a paper entitled Making It Happen that explores analysis and engagement options to help implement the 2041 RTP. It discusses key issues, which include:

  • criteria for prioritizing projects;
  • ways to formalize the 2041 RTP strategies;
  • how all levels of government can be part of decision-making; and
  • strategies for municipal and provincial collaboration.