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Stouffville Corridor Expansion program

Our new permanent community drop-in office is now open!

The office is located at 4142 Sheppard Avenue East in Scarborough, just a few steps east of Agincourt GO Station. With more space and more resources, this location is open to the public and allows for small meetings and public consultations.

Community Office Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays! Please note that the community office will have a revised schedule over the holidays. The office will be closed from Wednesday, December 20 until Tuesday, January 9.

Otherwise, our regular office hours are:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays: 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

We encourage you to visit our Community Relations staff who are dedicated to the communities impacted by our Stouffville Railway Expansion Program. Feel free to contact us at scarboroughmarkham@metrolinx.com or call Azim at 416-202-5837 for more information or to book an in-person meeting.

Thank you, and a Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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Why are we expanding the railway?

Through its Regional Express Rail (RER) project, Metrolinx is embarking on a massive transformation of the GO rail network to give you a faster, more convenient way to connect with the things that matter.

Over the next ten years, we will be making infrastructure upgrades across the region in order to introduce new and improved train service. The expansion of this 17-kilometre segment of railway corridor will be among the first of these upgrades.

Today, most of this railway corridor segment has only a single track, limiting the quality and quantity of Stouffville line GO Train service we can provide to the residents of Scarborough, Markham and Whitchurch-Stouffville. As we complete planned infrastructure improvements over the next ten years, we will be able to phase in expanded service, with electric trains running over this portion of the corridor every 15 minutes (or better) in both directions throughout the day. Check out more details on our proposed service improvements for the Stouffville line.

This work builds on years of preparation. Expanding the corridor to enable more service was included in Metrolinx’s Regional Transportation Plan, The Big Move, in 2008. In 2012, Metrolinx identified this expansion as part of its “Next Wave” of priority projects.

In 2013 and 2014, we spoke with many of you in the community as we conducted an Environmental Assessment (EA) that examined our plans for a second track and accompanying improvements to stations. The EA process was successfully completed in September 2014.

What are we building?

We plan to break ground this summer on the first part of the project: adding a second track to an approximately five-kilometre subsection of the corridor between Kennedy Road in Markham (just north of Steeles Avenue and Milliken GO Station) and Marilyn Avenue in Scarborough (just north of Sheppard Avenue and Agincourt GO Station).

Other parts of the project along the full 17-kilometre segment are currently being designed or planned. These include adding a second track to the remaining single-tracked parts of this segment and expanding Unionville, Milliken, Agincourt and Kennedy GO stations to accommodate the second track. Construction will begin as designs are completed, starting in 2016. We will also be investigating further improvements not assessed in the 2013-14 EA, including new underpasses or overpasses for roads that currently have level crossings and the electrification of the corridor.

Environmental Study Report: GO Transit Stouffville Railway Corridor Expansion

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Stouffville Corridor Rail Service Expansion was completed in accordance with GO Transit’s Class EA document and the 45-day review period ended on September 8, 2014. We have taken the feedback provided by local residents and stakeholders into consideration.

Improvements Studied: Increased service and improved service efficiency on the Stouffville corridor.

Location: GO Transit’s Stouffville rail corridor. The study area extended from just south of Kennedy GO Station in Toronto to Unionville GO Station in Markham.

The full Environmental Study Report is available at gotransit.com.


As we move forward with bringing Regional Express Rail service to the GO network, we will begin to build some of the infrastructure improvements proposed in the final Environmental Study Report (ESR). Fully implementing RER may potentially require further infrastructure improvements that are not included in this ESR, such as new road underpasses or overpasses. These would be subject to a future EA process. Electrification will be assessed as part of a separate EA that will examine multiple GO corridors.

Upcoming Part II Work (Sheppard South to Eglinton) in Summer and Fall 2018

Since February, our general contractor began preliminary work in your area, preparing the railway corridor for the construction of a second track. This work includes:


Over the past few months surveys have been conducted along the corridor to help identify where fences, sheds, gardens and other items from neighbouring properties extend onto the rail corridor. To construct the second track, we will need the full width of the rail corridor. This fall, we will be reaching out to affected property owners to develop, together with them, a plan for safely removing these encroachments.


Following a third party arborist report, we have identified trees that could be damaged and become a safety hazard during this construction. This fall, we will be contacting property owners about these trees and will work with them to develop a plan for trimming or removal.

We have been working with the City and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and we are prepared to plant three (3) replacement trees for every tree removed from your property, at our cost. These trees can be planted either on your property or on a nearby property that we will work with the City to identify. We will work with you throughout this process and will provide you with the list of approved tree species from which you can make your selection.

The arborist report also identified trees that will require protection. The tree protection work will meet the City of Toronto’s current by-law requirements for protection of private trees, and may include installation of a tree protection barrier, pruning of branches and roots in accordance with proper arboriculture techniques, or similar measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will two-way service start running? When will you switch to electric trains?

Metrolinx is working with the Government of Ontario to develop a phasing planfor bringing Regional Express Rail service to GO Transit’s rail network.

Improvements will roll out gradually over the 10-year program. We will have a more detailed understanding of how and when the various service improvements will come to the Stouffville line as this work progresses.

Will you be building a noise wall near my home? What will it look like?

As part of the approved Environmental Assessment, Metrolinx assessed the noise impacts of additional service and identified a specific set of locations where noise walls are to be installed. The noise wall locations proposed in the Environmental Assessment are listed above in the “Environmental Study Report: GO Transit Stouffville Railway Corridor Expansion” section. As we complete the final design for each subsection of the corridor, we will refine the precise wall placements and share this information with our neighbours.

We will be consulting more closely with the nearby community on the appearance of each segment of noise walls at a later date. Once a contractor for each segment is selected, we will work with them to determine more precise timelines for noise wall installation and update the community.

Are you now beginning construction of the Mayor of Toronto’s SmartTrack proposal?

This corridor expansion was proposed in Metrolinx’s Regional Transportation Plan, The Big Move, in 2008 and we began our EA for the second track in 2013.

SmartTrack was introduced in May 2014 during the municipal election. It proposes to build upon existing GO service on this portion of the Stouffville line, which is one example of the many areas of congruence between SmartTrack and Metrolinx’s Regional Express Rail plans.

Metrolinx is now working cooperatively with City of Toronto to look at the integration of SmartTrack as part of our plans to bring Regional Express Rail service to the GO rail network. Although Metrolinx had planned this project and made the decision to move forward independently of the Mayor’s proposal, this second track will bring us closer to our shared goal of frequent two way service for your community.