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How Will You Benefit from More GO Train Service?

Everyone in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area will benefit from improved transit infrastructure, but in different ways and for different reasons.

Transit users

  • Time savings through faster, more frequent transit options throughout the region
  • Improved access to employment, education and other important community activities

Customers who switch from car to train

  • Financial savings, because transit fares typically cost less than owning and maintaining a vehicle
  • Time savings, particularly in rush hour when trains run at high speeds and road traffic slows down
  • Higher productivity by using the time spent on a train to carry out other tasks
  • Lower stress levels

Drivers, residents and communities

  • Congestion relief – similar transit services throughout the world have been shown to slow the growth of road congestion

Those who cannot or do not drive

  • More freedom to move around with more all-day service, every day
  • Better access to the entire GTHA

GTHA and Ontario residents in general

  • Easier movement of people and goods to address estimated yearly congestion costs of up to $11 billion