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Barrie GO line

Environmental Assessment

Notice of Commencement and Public Engagement (May 11, 2017)

Online Survey (valid from May 11 to June 1, 2017)
The Barrie Rail Corridor Expansion (BRCE) Project has formally commenced the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) for the proposed addition of tracks and supporting infrastructure from Lansdowne Avenue in the City of Toronto to the Allandale Waterfront GO Station in Barrie.

We thank everyone for their feedback to date. As we commence the TPAP and continue to build on the two rounds of public meetings held in November 2016 and 2015, Metrolinx is hosting an online survey for the Project to provide you with an opportunity to offer further feedback. Copies of the draft environmental studies and preferred design drawings are available below for review prior to completing the survey.

The online survey will be open from Thursday, May 11 to Thursday, June 1, 2017. Your feedback and community perspective is important to informing this project.

DRAFT Technical Reports
Natural Environment Report
Tree Inventory and Arborist Report
Cultural Heritage Screening Report
Socio-Economic and Land Use Characteristics Report
Air Quality Study
Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment
Traffic Impact Analysis
Stakeholder Consultation Report

DRAFT Preferred Design
Please note the location of the new Bradford Layover Facility is still being assessed as part of this TPAP.

- South of Lansdowne Avenue to South of Dundas Street West
- South of Dundas Street West to South of Davenport Road
- South of Davenport Road to South of Eglinton Avenue West
- South of Eglinton Avenue West to Lawrence Avenue West
- Lawrence Avenue West to North of Wilson Avenue
- North of Wilson Avenue to South of Sheppard Avenue West
- Sheppard Avenue West to York University GO Station
- York University GO Station to Steeles Avenue West

- Steeles Avenue West to Hwy 407
- Hwy 407 to North of Hwy 7
- Hwy 7 to Langstaff Road
- Langstaff Road to North of Rutherford
- North of Rutherford Road to Maple GO Station
- Maple GO Station to Teston Road
- Teston Road to South of Kirby Road
- South of Kirby Road to King Vaughan Road
- King Vaughan Road to King City GO Station

- King Vaughan Road to King City GO Station
- Station Toad to Keele Street
- Keele Street to Dufferin Street
- Dufferin Street to Bloomington Road
- Bloomington Road to South of Bathurst Avenue

- Bloomington Road to South of Bathurst Avenue
- North of Bathurst Avenue to South of Yonge Street
- South of Yonge Street to South of Engelhard Drive
- South of Engelhard Drive to Centre Street
- South of Centre Drive to St John’s Sideroad
- St John’s Sideroad to Mulock Drive

- Oriole Drive to South of Holland River
- South of Holland River to Bradford GO Station

Bradford West Gwillimbury:

- South of Holland River to Bradford GO Station
- Bradford GO Station to South of Line 9
- South of Line 9 to North of Line 10
- North of Line 10 to South of Line 12
- South of Line 12 to North of Line 13


- North of Line 13 to North of Gilford Road
- North of Gilford Road to North of 2nd Line
- North of 2nd Line to North of Killarney Beach Road
- North of Killarney Beach Road to South of 6th Line
- South of 6th Line to North of 7th Line
- North of 7th Line to South of 9th Line
- South of 9th Line to Lockhart Road

- Lockhart Road to South of Mapleview Drive East
- South of Mapleview Drive East to Big Bay Point Road
- North of Big Bay Point Road to South of Minet’s Point Road
- Minet’s Point Road to Allandale Waterfront GO Station

- St John's Sideroad to Mulock Drive
- Mulock Drive to Timothy Street
- Timothy Street to Newmarket GO Station
- Newmarket GO Station to East Gwillimbury GO Station

Public Meeting #3 (Update York South-Weston - February 6, 2017)

Public Meeting #2 (November 2016)
Notice of Public Meeting
PIC #2 Summary Report

Meeting Presentation

Story Boards

Public Meeting #1 (November 2015)
Notice of Public Meeting
Story Boards
PIC #1 Summary Report
Notice of Public Meeting (Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury) - Proposed Train Layover Facility
Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Meeting – Story Boards
Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Meeting - Summary Report

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Barrie Rail Corridor Expansion Project
c/o Georgina Collymore
Tel: (416) 202-4921

Today, GO Transit’s Barrie line provides weekday rush-hour train service between Barrie and Toronto. Trains run south in the morning, and north in the afternoon.

Through its Regional Express Rail project – better known as GO expansion – Metrolinx is already starting to transform the existing GO rail system from a commuter service to a whole new rapid transit experience for your community. In the future, frequent two-way, all-day train service seven days a week, will give you more options to get you where you need to go.

Weekday rush hour

  • 15-minute, two-way service between Aurora and Union Station
  • 30-minute service from Allandale Waterfront to Union Station in the morning and from Union Station to Allandale Waterfront in the afternoon/evening

Midday, evening and weekend

  • 15-minute, two-way service between Aurora and Union Station
  • 60-minute, two-way service between Allandale Waterfront and Union Station

Average times between trains are shown. Actual times may be shorter or longer depending on location and departure time.

Everyone benefits

There will be more trips at every stop along the line, bringing more transit choices to Barrie, Bradford West Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, Aurora, King, Vaughan, Toronto and neighbouring communities. Everyone will benefit from more:


  • With more frequent service between Barrie and Toronto and all stops along the way, you’ll have more ways to connect to the things that matter


  • With new electric trains that accelerate faster, your journey times will be cut by up to 20%, so you’ll spend less time getting there and more time being there


  • More GO train trips means fewer cars on the road – in the next 10 years, weekly trips across the entire GO rail network will grow from about 1,500 to nearly 6,000, making it easier to choose transit first


  • Live, work and play where you want, when you want – frequent all-day service that connects with local transit like Barrie Transit, BWG Transit, YRT/ Viva and the TTC will strengthen ties between every community along the line



Environmental Assessment and Design Progress

  • Davenport Grade Separation – Residents Panel recommendations are being reviewed and the timing of the EA to be determined
  • EA for double tracking underway and approval anticipated fall 2017
  • New Caledonia GO station (intersecting with the Eglinton Crosstown) EA and design is underway
  • Working closely with York Region on their EA for the widening of Rutherford Road

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Barrie RER Corridor Projects
c/o Jennifer Capan
Tel: (416) 202-4732