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Guildwood to Pickering ProjectS

To support RER, improvements are needed between Guildwood and Pickering. Currently, there are two tracks between Galloway Road in Scarborough and Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering (“Durham Junction”) and this bottleneck creates an operational challenge for the entire line, meaning service isn’t as reliable or flexible as it could be.

An environmental assessment to add a third track on this section of the corridor was completed on January 11, 2017 using the streamlined Transit Project Assessment Process. With these approvals in place, Metrolinx can proceed with the improvements needed to increase service, including: adding a third track, widening two bridges, and performing three grade separations.


East Corridor Expansion Project Components (Highland Creek to Pickering GO):

Central Corridor Expansion Project Components (Beechgrove to Morningside):

West Corridor Expansion Project Components (Don River to Scarborough Junction):

Other Projects:


Fairport Beach Neighbourhood Association Meeting - April 18, 2017