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GTHA Urban Freight Study & Status Update

Metrolinx released the GTHA Urban Freight Study, 2011, improving the efficiency of goods movement and addressing the related impacts. This study, developed with partners in the public and private sectors, is a broad review of urban freight within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) that helped to:

  • gain an understanding of the current activities in urban freight and the conditions under which freight moves through the last mile of the journey, with a focus on freight originating and/or destined within the GTHA boundaries
  • define and scope the challenges and opportunities facing the GTHA freight industry; and
  • assemble a review of best practices, which will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of urban freight transportation in the GTHA, and thereby improve the quality of life, environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness of the entire region.

The study highlights five strategic directions and 17 supporting actions aimed at improving the efficiency and minimizing the impact of goods movement in the region. Together, these strategic directions and supporting actions form the GTHA Urban Freight Action Plan, the basis of Metrolinx’s work on urban freight.


More information on each of the strategic directions and actions, including key stakeholders, anticipated impacts, implementation considerations, timing, difficulty, geographic scope and examples can be found in the GTHA Urban Freight Study Technical Backgrounders Part 1 and Part 2.

Metrolinx is continuing its collaborative approach to follow through on the Plan’s actions. In spring 2012, the GTHA Urban Freight Forum, which connects academic, industry and government leaders, met for the first time to form partnerships, share data and best practices, and work together to support the delivery of the Urban Freight Action Plan.

GTHA Urban Freight Action Plan Status Update

In fall 2012, Metrolinx released the GTHA Urban Freight Action Plan Status Update to highlight key freight initiatives underway in the GTHA that further the 17 Actions identified in the GTHA Urban Freight Study. This document was prepared through informal interviews conducted with Forum members over the summer of 2012 to learn about and summarize relevant initiatives they are leading. See more projects underway by our Forum members.