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Goods Movement

Goods Movement and the GTHA

The goods movement industry is essential to the economy of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), a region that is often referred to as the engine of the national economy.

Congestion in the region costs billions of dollars every year in the form of delays and fuel consumption. Future population and employment growth will cause greater delays if opportunities for improvement to the transportation network in the region, including the movement of goods, are not identified and acted upon. Actions to coordinate goods movement and passenger movement now will secure the long term economic future of the goods movement industry in the GTHA, while preserving the region’s quality of life and natural environment.

A transportation network must be designed for all users and Metrolinx understands that more efficient goods movement means more network capacity, which translates to safer and faster trips for all GTHA residents.

The Role of Metrolinx in Urban Freight

The Big Move – the Regional Transportation Plan – identifies nine priority actions that will have the largest and most transformational impacts on the GTHA’s transportation system. Big Move #8 calls for a comprehensive goods movement strategy in the GTHA. In 2011, the GTHA Urban Freight Study was developed with public and private stakeholders, and concluded with the GTHA Urban Freight Action Plan, which highlights five strategic directions and seventeen supporting actions aimed at improving the efficiency and minimizing the impact of goods movement in the region. This Action Plan now forms the basis of Metrolinx’s ongoing work on this agenda.

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