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Funding our Region

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The Metrolinx vision is to transform the way our region moves. Funding resources are vital to helping this transformation of public transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Since the creation of Metrolinx in 2006, we have been working hard to secure various funding commitments to jump start transit and active transportation improvements for our region.

Quick Wins funding announced in 2007 demonstrated early action on transit improvements. The $744 million in Provincial funding was used to assist transit agencies and municipalities with different short-term transit improvements such as the BikeLinx program, with more racks on buses and secure parking, and bus fleet expansions, to name a few.

In spring 2009, the Province of Ontario announced an unprecedented $9.5 billion in funding, including more than $300 million from the Federal Government, for transit projects known as the Metrolinx Big 5. These projects included Viva Bus Rapid Transit on Hwy. 7 and Yonge Street in York Region, and Finch Light Rail Transit (LRT), Scarborough Rapid Transit, Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown and Sheppard East LRT in the City of Toronto.

In early 2011, the scopes of the Toronto projects were redefined by Metrolinx, the Government of Ontario and the newly appointed City of Toronto administration. In March 2011, the parties reached a consensus on a revised plan with a greater focus on higher-order, grade separated rapid transit services.

Metrolinx will focus on the delivery of the Eglinton Crosstown Project and the City of Toronto will focus on Sheppard Subway extension west to Downsview and east to Scarborough Centre.

The original funding for the Toronto Metrolinx Big 5 projects is being redirected towards the revised plan and provides an excellent start for transit improvements and network expansion in our region.

With these funding commitments, our region has a great start for getting much-needed transit improvements underway.

For more information visit the Expansion Projects page.

Looking towards the future, Metrolinx is mandated by legislation to report back by 2013 with an Investment Strategy. Work is already underway which will inform our decision-makers on long term, sustainable revenue solutions that will help us to continue to transform the way our region moves well into the future.