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Finch West LRT

The Finch West LRT is an 11-kilometre light rail transit line that will run along the surface of Finch Avenue from the new Finch West Subway Station on the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension at Keele Street to Humber College.

It will provide rapid transit to neighbourhoods that need it the most; it will travel through two of the City of Toronto’s 13 identified priority neighbourhoods – Jamestown and Jane/Finch.

The Finch West LRT is a $1.2 billion (2014$) investment from the governments of Canada and Ontario to expand transit in Toronto.

In preparation for the release of the Request for Proposals (RFP), Metrolinx provided an update on the project in January 2016 and shared reference concept designs for the stops, the maintenance and storage facility and details on the public realm elements. The material presented is available and the detailed maps of the segments of the line are below:

Map 1: Humber College – Highway 27
Map 2: Highway 27 – Kipling Avenue
Map 3: Kipling Avenue – Ardwick Boulevard/Pearldale Avenue
Map 4: Gracedale Boulevard – Oakdale Road
Map 5: Oakdale Road – Tangiers Road

Read a summary report of the feedback received from the public open houses.

In February 2016, Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and Metrolinx released the RFP to companies shortlisted to design, build, finance and maintain the Finch West LRT project.

The teams were selected based on criteria identified in the Request for Qualifications process that began in September 2015. Selection criteria included construction capability, experience, and financial capacity to deliver a project of this size and complexity.

Read the release.

If you have any questions please contact us at finchwest@metrolinx.com.

Project Benefits

High Capacity

The projected ridership of the Finch West LRT corridor is 2,800 passengers per hour in the peak direction by 2031. The capacity of an LRT is 15,000 passengers per hour per direction. LRT cars can be removed or added easily, thus providing the flexibility to accommodate ridership demands.


The Finch West LRT will carry passengers in dedicated right-of-way transit lanes separate from regular traffic, as well as priority signaling at intersections. These two components ensure that the Finch West LRT is reliable and that travel times are more certain.


The Finch West LRT will have 18 stops through northwest Toronto, including an underground interchange station at Keele Street. It will have rapid transit connections: Finch West Station to the new Toronto-York subway extension.


The Finch West LRT will have multiple entrances and low floors to ensure fast and accessible boarding. In addition, each vehicle will use the PRESTO proof-of-payment system.

Proven Technology

LRT is a proven technology that is used around the world, including cities with variable temperatures such as Edmonton, Calgary and Minneapolis.

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