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Transit Procurement Initiative Annual Report

Cover of the TPI Annual Report

A message from the Manager

Metrolinx’s Transit Procurement Initiative (TPI) is pleased to release its 4th Annual Report.

The report offers an overview of our program objectives and showcases TPI’s ongoing commitment to deliver joint procurement initiatives to Transit Agencies across Ontario.

We are proud of our continued success, with adding new partners and awarding a first-time contract for the supply of a Low Floor Accessible Minibus on behalf of ten municipalities.

The report will be of interest to existing partners, potential future partners and various transit associations.

The message the report conveys is clear. Transit related joint procurements initiatives, facilitated by TPI, a program of Metrolinx, offer Ontario public transit service providers more value for their money.

Joint procurement initiatives really do work to support municipalities to improve and expand public transit services.

We invite you to review our 2016-2017 TPI Annual Report.

Please contact TPI should you wish to discuss TPI’s program opportunities.

Yolanda da Silva
Manager, Transit Procurement

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