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stepping it up project Resources

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2011 GTHA-Wide School Travel Household Attitudinal Study

Following from the 2009 study (below), the 2011 school travel study of 1,000 GTHA parents gathered further information about the barriers and opportunities regarding active and sustainable transportation to and from schools. The study presents supportive measures that parents said would promote walking, cycling, and carpooling for elementary school travel.

2011 Executive Summary
2011 Full Report
2009 Executive Summary
2009 Full Report

Report coverReview of International School Travel Planning Best Practices

As the nature of the “school run” shifts to more drop off/pick up of students by car, traffic safety issues, air pollution and missed opportunities for exercise are becoming increasingly common in countries around the world. The Review of International School Travel Planning Best Practices provides updates on best practices being used to approach these issues in the  
United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States, Australia, and Canada. 

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Report coverThe Future of Sustainable School Transportation: Expanding School Travel Planning in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

Beyond working with schools, Stepping It Up is making connections to address the underlying gaps in facilitating active and sustainable school travel. In January 2011, Metrolinx hosted the first gathering of school travel stakeholders for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area to foster dialogue about the future of this initiative.

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