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Projects and Programs

Mobility Solutions


Metrolinx is championing and delivering mobility solutions for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. We are working with our partners to improve the coordination and integration of all modes of transportation including developing a system of connected mobility hubs. We are also focussing on enhancing and encouraging the use of active and sustainable travel options such as walking, cycling, and carpooling through Stepping It Up. And we are providing commuting alternatives to area employers through Smart Commute. Our Transit Procurement Initiative supports local municipal transit operators with the procurement of vehicles, equipment, technologies, facilities and related supplies. Together we will transform the way the region moves.


  • Metrolinx Without the ability to move lots of people efficiently and affordably, great cities can't be great
  • The Big Move The Big Move will bring 80 per cent of our region's population within 2 km of rapid transit
  • Metrolinx Board of Directors The Metrolinx Board of Directors meets throughout the year
  • Metrolinx Executive Group The Metrolinx Executive Group