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Progress in Toronto

What if Union Station were less hectic to get around? What if our transit and transportation system were expanded with light rail making it easier to get around faster? What if the whole system were designed to make life in Toronto easier?

Metrolinx is working to make your life easier!

Transit Connecting the Region

Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension

The six-station underground subway extension from Downsview Station to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre replaces the shuttle bus connection from Downsview Station to York University that carries a daily average of 20,200 riders. It will be the first subway line to cross a municipal boundary in the region and will support significant new development. This project will be in service in late 2016. Learn more at ttc.ca.

Union Pearson Express

The Union Pearson Express is a direct rail link between Pearson International Airport and Union Station. Departing every 15 minutes, this 25-minute trip will include two stops at Weston and Bloor stations. It is estimated to remove 1.2 million airport-related car journeys from GTHA roads in 12 months of operation and serve 1.8 million passengers. This project will be in service in 2015. The Union Pearson Express won Project of the Year at the 2013 Global AirRail Awards. Learn more.

Toronto Light Rail Transit Project

The Toronto Light Rail Transit Plan is funded and underway. The Plan features a network of 52 kilometres of light rail transit lines running underground and at street level that will connect Toronto with comfort, convenience, reliability and speed. The Eglinton Crosstown LRT will run from Jane/Black Creek Drive to Kennedy Station, with 10 kilometres tunneled underground from Mount Dennis to Don Mills. The Finch West LRT will run from the new Finch West Station on the York-Spadina Subway extension to Humber College. Learn more about the Eglinton Crosstown and the Finch West LRT.

Expansion of GO Services

Georgetown South Project

The Georgetown South Project involves track expansion and new underpasses and overpasses along the Kitchener rail corridor (previously the Georgetown corridor). These infrastructure improvements are required to accommodate two-way all-day service improvements, and support the new Union Pearson Express service. This increased level of GO Train service will be launched in 2015. Learn more at gotransit.com/gts.

Union Station Revitalization

Canada’s busiest transportation hub will gain vastly expanded concourses, new PATH connections, and a second subway platform to provide better passenger circulation and room for further ridership growth, in addition to a new glass train shed. In parallel to the work Metrolinx is doing, the City of Toronto is undertaking a major revitalization project to the portions of Union Station owned by them. The Union Station upgrades will be completed in 2016. Learn more at gotransit.com/unionstation.

More infrastructure to support future growth

Currently, Metrolinx has more than 200 projects in progress that will accommodate service enhancements and lay the foundations for future projects. What might seem like a ‘small’ project actually has significant connections to a much larger strategic vision, and will lead to big change for all residents – transit-users, motorists and cyclists alike.

  • Agincourt GO Station Parking Expansion
  • BikeLinx bicycle rack program Toronto
  • Exhibition GO Station Improvements
  • Guildwood GO Station Building Rehabilitation
  • New train maintenance building at Willowbrook Facility
  • Sheppard Avenue / Stouffville GO line Grade Separation
  • Yonge-University-Spadina subway capacity improvements