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We’re building transit to get you moving

Projects Underway
Investment Committed

Metrolinx understands that people want to spend more time living and less time commuting, and we’re working to transform how the GTHA moves. Learn more about some projects in your community.


Progress in your Region

Learn more about projects in your community.


The average GTHA commuter loses more than $1,300 a year in personal time due to congestion. With typical roundtrip commute times of 82 minutes, our region is among the worst in North America.

Congestion has direct, negative impacts on our economy and our environment, but the price we pay is about much more than how it translates to a fiscal bottom line. It is about quality of life, our health and well-being – how we are able to spend time on what matters to us.

Our award-winning regional transportation plan – The Big Move – is guiding work across the region. More than $16 billion in investment has been made and construction is under way on our First Wave of projects, helping to realize the Big Move vision.

From the platform construction at your local GO Train station, to the activities of a big, and the sprouting guideway buttresses of the Union Pearson Express rail spur along Highway 427 leading to Toronto Pearson’s Terminal 1 – signs of progress and investment are everywhere.