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Progress in Peel

If you think traffic is getting worse, you’re right. Peel Region is growing. In fact, the population has expanded by almost 565,000 people or 77% in the last 20 years. Work is underway throughout Peel Region to improve access to transit.

Transit Connecting the Region

Mississauga Transitway

With 18 kilometres of dedicated bus lanes running along Highway 403 and Eglinton Avenue in Mississauga, the Transitway will lead to connections to the TTC subway system and employment hubs in the Square One area and in the Airport Corporate Centre. The first segment of this project will be in service in 2013. Learn more at gotransit.com/mississaugatransitway.

Expansion of GO Services

GO Transit is improving access to transit by expanding parking at GO Stations in Peel Region, making it easier for you to Get on the GO!

Union Station Revitalization

Canada’s busiest transportation hub will gain vastly expanded concourses, new PATH connections, and a second subway platform to provide better passenger circulation and room for further ridership growth, in addition to a new glass train shed. In parallel to the work Metrolinx is doing, the City of Toronto is undertaking a major revitalization project to the portions of Union Station owned by them. The Union Station upgrades will be completed in 2016. Learn more at gotransit.com/unionstation.

More infrastructure to support future growth

Currently, Metrolinx has more than 200 projects in progress that will accommodate service enhancements and lay the foundations for future projects. What might seem like a ‘small’ project actually has significant connections to a much larger strategic vision, and will lead to big change for all residents – transit-users, motorists and cyclists alike.

  • Brampton GO Station Platform Extension
  • Park & Ride Locations at:
    • Bolton South
    • Hurontario Street & Highway 407