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PRESTO available on transit buses across the GTHA


The TTC is Canada’s largest Transit System and the third largest in North America. PRESTO is an important element of TTC’s overall strategic plan to modernize its fare payment system to drive greater direct rider benefits, enable urban and regional economic growth and complement existing sustainability goals.

PRESTO devices are currently installed at 14 TTC subway stations and there are, on average, 21,000 TTC fares paid with PRESTO every day. PRESTO cards can be used at Bloor-Yonge, College, Don Mills, Downsview, Dundas, Finch, Islington, Kipling, Queen’s Park, St. George, St. Patrick, Union, Yorkdale, and York Mills stations.

Full deployment of PRESTO across the TTC will begin in 2014 and serve key venues and events in time for the Toronto 2015 PAN AM and Parapan Games.

Metrolinx will deliver PRESTO to the TTC as a managed service. This means that Metrolinx will own and control all of the PRESTO devices that are deployed across its system; substantially reducing operating costs and offering a significant benefit to Torontonians. The TTC states that it costs them 7% to collect fares. With PRESTO, the projected cost will only be 5.25%. PRESTO will also help the TTC combat revenue loss experienced through counterfeit tokens.

On November 28, 2012, Metrolinx signed an agreement with the TTC to implement PRESTO fare card technology in all subway stations, buses and streetcars by 2016. This will allow commuters to travel seamlessly and more conveniently within the TTC and across eight transit systems equipped with PRESTO in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The agreement includes protocols that provide greater detail on funding and financials, project management, ongoing operations, communications, dispute resolution and governance.

Read the agreement
Master Agreement
Funding and Financial Reporting Agreement
Operational Services Agreement
Project Management Agreement

Visit the TTC page for more information about using PRESTO on TTC.

Visit PRESTOcard.ca for information on the PRESTO card.

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