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PRESTO on GO Transit

The first PRESTO devices, allowing PRESTO cardholders to “tap on” and “tap off”, were installed as a pilot program on the GO Transit system in 2007 at the Cooksville and Meadowvale GO Stations, as well as at Union Station. Five hundred commuters transferred between MiWay (then referred to as Mississauga Transit) shuttle buses and GO Trains using PRESTO.

In 2009, the PRESTO rollout on the GO Transit system began; Oakville and Bronte GO Stations were the first PRESTO-enabled stations with additional devices also installed at Union Station. PRESTO was then rolled out to remaining GO Train stations, corridor by corridor: Lakeshore West, Lakeshore East, Milton, Georgetown (now Kitchener), Richmond Hill and Stouffville.

By August 2011, PRESTO was available across the entire GO Transit system; fare payment devices were available at every GO Train station and on every GO Bus. As well, exclusive co-fare discounts were offered to those using PRESTO to transfer between participating transit agencies and GO Transit.

Visit the GO Transit website for information about using PRESTO on GO Transit.

For information about PRESTO on participating transit agencies, visit our PRESTO around the GTHA and Ottawa.

Visit PRESTOcard.ca for information on the PRESTO card.