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Kennedy Station [Emerging artist]
Dagmara Genda
“Reorganization of One Hedge”

Artist’s concept

Reorganization of One Hedge is a work that is specific to its site at Kennedy station. The artist, Dagmara Genda, wants to answer the question: ‘How do things change with time?’ The artist began by taking photographs of the leaves of one hedge in different lighting conditions over a period of several months. The images of the leaves were cut out by hand, forming a collection of leaves of many different colours – like the colours on a painter’s palette. The leaves were then put together in a collage, and that collage will be printed onto glass so that coloured light will stream in through a station skylight, and light boxes with the leaf patterns will be set in the walls of a hallway in the station, bringing light and greenery into the station.

Biography for Dagmara Genda

Born 1981. Polish/Canadian. Known for drawing, painting and collage, her practice includes large scale immersive installations. Her work has been shown at the Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, the Esker Foundation, Calgary, Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener + Area Biennial 2014, as well as numerous public and private venues across Canada and the US. Over the past two years she has been making work in various residencies nationally and internationally, including China, US, and the UK. Her publications include articles and reviews in Border Crossings, Canadian Art Online, Momus and C Magazine.