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About Integrated Art

Our Commitment

Metrolinx is:

  • Building a public art collection that is regional in scale and representative of the best of contemporary artwork.
  • Committed to excellence in design through the integration of art and architecture in its public transit facilities.
  • Connecting communities. We support innovative new work that values public space and shared experiences.

Our mission is to:

  • Enhance the customer experience by making transit user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing
  • Foster opportunities for creative collaboration and partnerships

History and Background

In 2012, Metrolinx created a Public Art and Amenities Framework, with the goal of ensuring a cohesive approach to implementing integrated art across Metrolinx facilities. In 2014, an Integrated Art Policy emerged as an initiative of Design Excellence at Metrolinx, which built on the framework and applied to all Metrolinx investment in integrated public art located on Metrolinx property or as part of a partnership or initiative in which Metrolinx is a key player. The policy was informed by a review of local and international best practices in public art and integrated transit art. This policy establishes a guideline of 1% of hard construction costs for integrated public art, allocated from the capital budget, and is mandatory for capital projects with budgets over $10-million. The Integrated Art program was officially launched in 2016.


Union Station Enhancement Project Artist Expression of Interest 2018



The Integrated Art team sets the vision and develops policy and strategy for delivery of exceptional projects across the region. Please email with any program questions or partnership opportunities.